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New Song Download
July 30 2006 

By request, this week's song is a version of Jesus Built My Hotrod live from the Denver 2004 show. This song first got rolled out on the 1999 tour. It's made frequent encore performances every tour since then, though the 2004 tour brought new life to it with the Redline/Whiteline version. Get it on the sound page.

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New Song Download
July 22 2006 

Now up on the sound page is a live version of Dead Guy. This song was originally on Filth Pig, but was only performed live at a couple dates on the 96 tour. It later surfaced on the 2003 tour, and was included in the standard setlist that year. It hasn't been performed live since, so it seems to have been retired. This live version is from the Amsterdam show, and features a slightly different sounding arrangement and is a little rougher than later dates, as this was only the second show of the tour and the band was still starting to gel.

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New Song Download
July 15 2006 

New song on the sound page. I decided to go way back this time to a live recording of I'm Falling from the 5/2/82 show in Philadelphia. This is not only a great performance of the song, but also from the earliest recording of a Ministry show known to exist. Enjoy.

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Rio Grande Blood Lyrics
July 9 2006 

Official lyrics to Ministry's latest release, Rio Grandé Blood, are now up online.

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New Song Download
July 8 2006 

New song download on the sound page. This one is a live version of You Know What You Are from the Toronto 1988 show. There are a couple rough spots in this one, but the overall quality is pretty decent. It does have a few unique highlights: there are a few witticisms from Al and at 4 minutes into the song, some girl from the audience climbs onstage and steals the mic from Al. All the screaming from then until the end of the song is her. Then, as Al kicks her off stage at the end of the song, she tries to steal his hat - hence the "Take that and you die" remark. No wonder the next time around, they brought a fence.

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New Song Download
July 1 2006 

Now up for download is a live version of Man Should Surrender from the Boston 1990 show. This is one of two Pailhead tracks done live on the Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste tour and features Joe Kelley from the Chicago band Lost Cause on vocals. Grab it here.

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