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New Song Download
February 25 2006 

Somehow, I've never ended up putting a version of The Light Pours Out Of Me from the 1988 tour up for download. They played the song on the Land Of Rape And Honey tour and then shelved it until cutting a studio version that ended up on Animositisomina 15 years later. So now up for download on the sound page is one of the original performances of the song. It's from a fairly rare recording of the 12/12/88 Toronto show and features Ogre on voacls. The lineup for this show:

Al Jourgensen: Vocals, Guitar

Paul Barker: Bass

Bill Rieflin: Keyboards

Jeff Ward: Drums

Ogre: Vocals, Guitar

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New Song Download
February 18 2006 

Up as the new download on the sound page is a live version of We Believe from the Toronto show on the 1986 tour. It's a great soundboard recording from a great show and features the classic Twitch tour lineup of Jourgensen/Barker/Rieflin/Barker.

And as a bonus, for a short time the reworked version from the 2003 tour is available again. Grab it while it lasts.

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New Song Download
February 11 2006 

New songs on the sound page.

First is a live version of Animosity from the Tampa show in 03. This is one of the better recordings of this song from this tour and features some comments from Al about his love of Tampa.

And as a contrast, also up for download is the 7" Mix of Work For Love. The mix itself would be nothing special if not for the wonderful breakdown in the middle of the song with Al asking "I've worked so long for you love, why won't you even talk to me?". This is a totally different version of the breakdown than the "Short Mix" that was available for download a while back.

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New Song Download
February 4 2006 

New song up on the sound page. This one is a demo from one of Al's bands between Special Affect and Ministry. The band was known under several different names including The Carmichaels, The Silly Carmichaels, and The Not-So-Silly Carmichaels, but is listed here simply as The Carmichaels. Per Al, he played keyboards and bass. Also in the band were 2 brothers aged 15 (the singer) and 17 (the guitarist). The drummer was a 35 year old dentist. They only played 2 live shows and cut a few demo tracks, this being one of the demos.

And many thanks to longtime boad member Ollie for hooking me up with these demos some time back. I found another version from another source, but the copy he gave me is by far the best sounding out there.

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