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New Song Download
April 29 2006 

From the infamous Minneapolis 7/20/83 recording comes the new download on the sound page. This one is a live version of the track What He Say, which was (mercifully?) played live only on the With Sympathy tour. This version features Shay Jones doing backing vocals. Quality isn't great, but it's been greatly restored from the original version (ie the video that's in circulation). This is probably as clean as the sound from this show is ever going to get.

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New Song Download
April 19 2006 

Due to a road trip this weekend, the song of the week makes an early appearence. For your enjoyment on the sound page is a live version of Razor's Edge. This song was only done live on the 1991 European Revco tour. I debated about leaving the band intro at the beginning, but I thought it would make a nice touch.

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New Song Download
April 15 2006 

Now up for download on the sound page is a live version of Psalm 69 from the Dallas 1999 show. This tour saw a few reworkings of some of the older tracks, including the faster version of Crumbs featured as a previous download. For this tour, Psalm 69 dropped the slow intro, making it a shorter, and heavier version. Enjoy.

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New Song Download
April 8 2006 

Now on the sound page is a live version of No Devotion performed at the 6/6/86 Minstry show in Chicago. Unlike later performances of this song, shows from the Twitch tour had Al doing vocals. Enjoy.

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New Song Download
April 1 2006 

Now up on the sound page is the third and last Carmichaels demo. This one was called Russian Folk Song #2 and features Al playing rhythm guitar. Again, many hanks to Ben Krug, the singer, for sharing these, especially this song which, unlike the other two, hadn't previously been circulated at all.

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