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Misc News
October 28 2006 

Phil Owen Interview

Phil Owen, longtime Revolting Cock, was kind enough to answer a few questions by e-mail. You can read the interview here or get to it through the interview page. He touches on several interesting subjects including the forming of the Skatenigs and playing with Ministry/Revco.

Snow Black

Snow Black's new release Power Of Suggestion has also been released, exclusively by download at this point. The record is Phil's first solo release and contains guest performances by Charles Levi, Mark Dufor of Skrew, and Al Jourgensen. It's available exclusively from SnowBlack.org. In addition, Phil was cool enough to offer a remix not appearing on the album as a prongs exclusive to those who purchase the album. Simply send us the Paypal confirmation number and we'll send you the download link.

Song Download

And the new song is up for download on the sound page. This time it's a live version of Beers, Steers & Queers from the Edmonton show on the last tour featuring Phildo on vocals. This is a stripped-down version, and different from the album or previous live versions. This is also the only recording I know of with the Hello There intro. They dropped it from the setlist shortly after this and all other recordings are either incomplete or later in the tour.

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New Song Download
October 21 2006 

New song is up on the sound page. This time it's a live version of Unsung from the Dallas 2003 show. This song was only performed live on the 2003 show and was dropped from rotation before the tour finished.

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New Song Download
October 14 2006 

By request, the new song on the sound page is a demo version of Eureka Pile. Honestly, it's not that diffrent from the album version, but it's very hard to find, as it typically cuts off after 25 seconds on most versions of the Dark Side Of The Spoon Demos. Enjoy.

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Site Updates
October 7 2006 

New song is up on the sound page. Ever since they were first released on Land Of Rape And Honey, the songs Missing and Diety have been played together. Both songs were frequently played live, and were always done in the same order - Missing then Diety. In the name of changing things up, the 2004 tour saw an end to that, with Missing left unplayed and Diety added as a regular song on the setlist. Up for download here is a live version of Diety from the 10/25/04 Washington DC show.

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