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General News
May 27 2006 

Song Download

On the sound page is the new song download. This time it's a version of Where You At Now from the Land Of Rape And Honey tour. They used the song as an opener and changed it quite dramatically from either the album version or the 1986 tour version. Different lyrics, arrangement, etc. Typically, the song started with Bill Rieflin on stage doing keyboards and gradually the rest of the band trickles onstage to break into the full song several minutes later.

Song Download

According to this article, Ministry's next album will be the last and will be titled The Last Sucker. Only time will tell if this is true.

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General News
May 20 2006 

New Song Download

There's a new Revolting Cocks album out. There's a controversial war in Iraq. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Up for download on the sound page is a live version of Beers Steers & Queers from the 1991 Revolting Cocks tour of Europe. Of course, I left in Philo's comments, as they're just as applicable today as they were 15 years ago.

Revco Download

The Alternative Tentacles website offers a podcast for download every week or so. For those who missed it, the podcast from 5/8/06 features the song Dead End Streets from new Revco album as well as the song Ass Clown from Rio Grande Blood. Unfortunately there's a bit of talking over parts of the tracks, buy hey, they're free. It also features several other Jello collaborations with other artists, some of which have yet to be released. Download it here or check out the other available podcasts here.

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May 13 2006 

Song Download

Back when the 1986 live version of Ricky's Hand was up for download, I mentioned that the version from the 1984 tour was a little different. Well, on the sound page is the version from the Minneapolis 10/24/84 show.

Tour Updates

I've finally gone through my hard drive and uploaded all the pics/posters/flyers/info I've gotten in the last couple months on various tour dates. Check out the 3/20/82, 7/10/82, 7/17/82, 9/04/83, 4/11/96, 8/07/92, 12/29/92, 4/12/86, 8/5/92, 11/28/92, 10/24/84, 12/29/88, 5/22/86, 4/17/96, 7/10/99, 9/11/92, 7/25/92, 12/29/92, 12/26/92, 5/02/86, 11/01/88, 11/07/88, 5/05/96, and 8/15/90 for some of the updates. There are many more. Thanks to all those who've contributed information for these shows. If you have any more information that we don't have listed in our tour secion or recordings of any shows we don't list, please let us know.

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New Song Download
May 6 2006 

New song is up on the sound page. This time it's a live version of The Fall from the Las Vegas 5/12/96 show and comes from a great soundboard recording. Enjoy.

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