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August 30 2006 

We updated the server software for this site. Everything seems to be running well, however, the song downloads will be offline for a few days. Thank you for your patience.

Update: The song downloads now work.

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New Song Download
August 25 2006 

The new song on the sound page is a version of TV Song from the Toronto 1992 show. Other than a one-off improv performace on the Lollapalooza tour, this tour was the only time the band brought this one out for live performances. These were the classic days of the Jourgensen/Barker/Rieflin/Barker/Scaccia/Svitek lineup with even Chris Connelly making up with Al and joining the band for the dates after Lollapalooza. Good times.

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New Song Download
August 19 2006 

By request, the download on the sound page this week is a live version of The Great Satan from this year's Niagara Falls show. Enjoy!

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General News
August 11 2006 

From Soundclick.com:

Criterion International To Release Early Ministry Side Project By The Band Eight And One Half

On the heels of the 25th year anniversary, tour, and the albums "Rantology" and "Rio Grande Blood" set the tone for reflection. In the spirit of this retrospective climate Criterion International is set to release a project by the band Eight and One Half entitled "The Jourgensen Sessions" produced by Al Jourgensen in 1983. This collection spans a tapestry of sounds, from funk inspired dance grooves in the vein of ABC, to dark electro synths reminecent of early Ministry, Planet Xymox, or Depeche Mode.
This previously unreleased record is a "moment in time", captured and frozen for over 20 years. For serious Ministry collectors, or fans curious about the "early years" of Ministry and the Chicago Industrial movement, this album is a time capsule and sure to please any fan of music of this era.

Eight and One Half, fronted by brothers David Floodstrand, and R. Lewis Floodstrand, is ment to be a pre-cursor to the new Eight and One Half record due to be released in early 2007.

Other releases on Criterion include the Eight and One Half E.P. "Travel", the self titled album by the alternative band Deep Blue Dream, Jazz Trumpet player Rex Richardson's "The Powers That Be", and a 12" by the Chicago House music group Barnhouse.

Criterion International will initially release Eight and One Half "The Jourgensen Sessions" as a digital download exclusively on soundclick.com, and then !Tunes, Rhapsody.com, and others.

Listen to a couple snipets here and expect an interview with David Floodstrand exclusive to this site to be posted shortly.

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New Song Download
August 11 2006 

This week's song is a version of Scarecrow from the Waldrock Festival in 96. It's a great soundboard version, but still has that outdoor festival feel to it. Get it here.

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New Song Download
August 4 2006 

New song is up on the sound page. This time it's a live version of All Day from the 4/10/86 show. Some of you may already have a version of this, as there are versions of this show out there in trading circles. This version should be a major upgrade for just about everyone, as the versions I've seen in circulation are all from radio broadcasts. This is the original, soundboard, pre-broadcast version in 256K quality to boot. Enjoy.

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