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New Song Download
November 25 2006 

New download is up. This time, it's a live version of Purple Head from this year's Ottawa show, complete with Josh's American Psycho rant. This isn't the best quality recording from this tour, but this performance is definitely the best of the 3 recordings I've been able to find. Get it here.

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New Song Download
November 19 2006 

Now on the sound page is a live version of Revenge from the Minneapolis 1984 show. On the early tours, Revenge was done with an added intro and several other differences from the album version. The version from the 1984 tour is really just a recycled version of the one performed on the With Sympathy tour, as the same backing tapes were used. Unfortunately, as the only entire concert that's surfaced from the With Sympathy tour is the 1983 Minneapolis one, this is the best live version of Revenge out there.

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Paul Barker DJ Set
November 13 2006 

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New Song Download
November 11 2006 

Now up for download on the sound page is a live version of 38 by the Revolting Cocks. This is taken from the 1987 New Year's Eve show in Chicago. This song was only performed live on the first Revco tour and a version from the first live Revco show appears on You God Damned Son Of A Bitch. This version is from the start of the first actual Revco tour and is the only other known live recording of the song.

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New Song Download
November 4 2006 

New song is up. This time it's a version of Warp City performed live at the 2004 DC show. Get it on the sound page.

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