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July 29 2000 

Backstage Ministry

Many people emailed me about this one. There is an AWF-formatted video of Ministry backstage at www.cb.com.

Click on Music and then click on the t.m.f.b link and the video should pop up.

I don't run Windows so I haven't seen it. Is it worth looking at?


Seems like the Ministry live videos which were to be released on VHS and DVD are postponed. It seems that CDNOW report a date for September 12 2000.


Well you should now know that Napster was ordered to be shut down by the courts here in the US. The RIAA sued them, and musicians such as Lars Ulrich (Metallica) and Dr. Dre openly stated their anti-Napster opinions. However, there are some musicians that are pro-Napster (Cypress Hill, Social Distortion, Chuck D, Radiohead, DJ Spooky, etc..)

Chuck D. was upset about the ruling to shut down Napster:

"If Patel was the key judge at the last turn of the century, we'd still be relying on horses and buggies and trains to get around. Stopping the process of file sharing is like trying to control the rain."

Even though Napster hasn't been shut down yet (it was supposed to be shut down Friday 28th July at midnight PDT), as Napster wins to temporarily stay, people are boycotting the RIAA. Check out the page here.

I buy a lot of CDs and when Napster was ordered to be shut down I cancelled some CDs that were on order.

Posted by Afra ( 85 )

July 13 2000 


There's another site that's opened up dedicated to Ministry. It's all in Polish. If you know Polish, check it out here.


As reported below on July 07 2000, Ministry are to be releasing a VHS tape containing their promotional videos (about time). Harold informs me that CDNow are selling advanced copies of this tape (The Tapes of Wrath) on DVD and VHS. The release date is August 08 2000.


If you aren't on our ministry mailing list, you missed it. Someone on behalf of Marz wrote the list to ask for field agents (you know, to handle street promotion and get cool free stuff). Anyways, she (Erica) goes on to tell us about a site dedicated to them at www.marztribe.com.

Posted by Afra ( 86 )

July 7 2000 

Seems like Ministry may be releasing the videos after all. So far, only VHS looks like it will be released but I am sure that DVD will follow (after all, it is Warner Bros ;) ).

This video set will be titled The Tapes of Wrath.

Promos of this video are circulating around, and this is the following "video" list:

1.Over the Shoulder
4.Burning Inside
5.Land of Rape and Honey
6.Jesus Built My Hotrod
8.Just One Fix
9.Lay Lady Lay
11.Bad Blood
12.Crackin' up
13.Do Ya Think I'm Sexy

Since they are promos around, I am happy as this means it's will be released.

Posted by Afra ( 87 )

July 4 2000 

I Know...

Where have I been? I am sorry. In the process of moving and got a new job (a real sweet one too) and summer courses at College. Life gets busy. I was waiting till I had some important news too...So, here we go.

Damage Manual

I can't do it anymore! hehe...I am running too many webpages with computer science and engineering courses at the university kicking my ass, and work. It's too much!

I need your help. The Damage Manual page needs a new webmaster. Check out the page here. We have the graphics hooked up, but if anymore is needed, I am sure Jared will hook you up. PHP3 and HTML experience is obviously needed. The Damage Manual page will stay on Prongs...

Email me if interested.

Live Albums

I told you I would believe it till I see it...

Seems like the three Ministry Live albums that were scheduled for release are not going to be released now. At least, not from Ipecac Records:

"mike patton mentioned that the ministry live albums aren't going
to happen (on ipecac anyway) due to a dispute with
warner. on a side note, he also mentioned that
fantomas set up gear and took the stage to "psalm 69"."

Oh well...Politics, eh?


Yes, that new group (read the June page) from ex-Ministry members Rey Washam, Louie Svitek, and Bobby Hukij have a little bio up about them. Do check it out here. It was a bit slow when I checked it out, but it was cool.

Thanks for the news: Aviva Gross & Derek Betts

Posted by Afra ( 88 )