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October 31 2000 


Ministry will be in the flick AI (they will be shown playing live at the Flesh Fair), which Steven Spielberg is directing. To quote Industrial Nation: The story plays in the mid-21st century and is about the Greenhouse effect that by then has melted vast sections of the polar icecaps, leaving Earth's coastal cities partially submerged. One of the new tools Mankind utilizes to manage this environmental disaster and survive is a new form of computer, one that is self-aware of its own existence - an artificial intelligence, known as an A.I. computer.". Thanks John.

Page Error

Thanks to fgfx for pointing out that I had the Twitch release date of 1886 and not 1986 as it should be!

Al's Hangout

Received this email. I have heard of this before but thought of it as a rumour or old news. Regardless, Chris sent me this email:

Hey man,

I was in Chicago last week and discovered
some interesting Al Trivia. The guy I went to Chicago
with heard a rumor that Al occasionally DJs at this
bar called Delilah's. Figuring we had nothing to
lose, we went to Delilah's and asked the bartender
about said rumor. Believe it or not, it's true.
According to the guy we spoke to he sometimes comes in
on Wednesdays to DJ(Wednesday night is country
night). Apparently he hasn't been in for a few weeks
because he's been working on other projects. The
singer from Urge Overkill was hanging out while we
were there however. Kind of a goofy story, but I
thought you'd appreciate it. Love the page. Keep it

CD Booklet

Also, Sean sent me this URL to a page he did up that contains a scan of a Hansel & Gretel Box set (I saw these guys open up for Sister Machine Gun about 3 years ago, and they were good live). You can view the scan here.

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Pailhead Albums
October 25 2000 

I get lots of emails asking where to get various Ministry and Ministry side project CDs. This is no advertisement, but swapit.com has used copies of Trait for real cheap.

More information on Pailhead and their album and single can be found here.

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Ministry Appearance
October 20 2000 

Lyrics Page

The links within the lyrics page were wrong. This has now been fixed. Thank you to whoever sent me the email...

Ministry in AI

Ministry are going to be appearing in the film, performing music at the "Flesh Flair". I hope they show Ministry performing longer than when they showed My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult playing on the first Crow film.

Also, someone wrote in about the 700 extra members they needed (I reported this on October 15 2000). They did need 700 extras to be spectators at an event of some sort. The filiming was done at the old Hughes Aircraft Dome (now Spruce Goose) in Long Beach CA.

Hmm, could the event be Ministry playing?

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October 19 2000 

Sorry to keep you guys waiting, but I wrote the page up but wanted to make sure the folks at Invisible saw it first. Invisible Records responded to me over the last few days concerning the mail-in postcard (see October 16 2000). You may read the responses here.

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October 16 2000 

Martin Atkins (Pigface, Damage Manual, Invisible Records Owner) emailed me with regard to the Ministry tour souviner issue (read last month's news). It is a long email, and I am not going to post the email here without his permission. As I read the email, I understand the reasons. I also received another email from someone at Invisible Records, also apologising about what happened. I have taken the rant page offline.


I received an email from a Danzig fan concerning what I said below about "wow, never thought Danzig's name would appear on a Ministry page". I am sorry, I did not mean to offend anyone. I like Danzig and enjoy his older music, but I guess I was being cheeky. Sorry...I love VNV Nation but I would've typed the same kinda comment had I mentioned their name on these pages.

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October 15 2000 

Crow Soundtrack

This has been mentioned before somewhere in the backlog, but Fear Factory's cover of Burning Inside appears on the Crow Soundtrack "The Crow: Salvation". Wow, it's been a while since I heard these guys, but nice to see Burton C. Bell & co. are still pumping out music. I bought their "Demanufacture" album when it first came out, whilst I was living in England. But, I'm not into trash metal much anymore (are bands like Sepultura, Megadeth, Napalm Death, Morbid Angel, etc.. still around?)

On the soundtrack itself features artists such as Filter, Tricky, Pitchshifter, and Danzig. You can see the details on the CDnow page. (wow, never thought Danzig's name would appear on a Ministry page).

(Thanks Ulf Kristensson)


I received an interesting email from a Ministry and Kubrick fan (he left no name). Apparantly, on a US TV show, Entertainment Tonight, they mentioned that Speilberg was doing the film A.I. (no mention of the soundtrack though). But this is strange as Speilberg usually hires out contemporary composers to do his soundtracks (i.e. John Williams and James Horner).

If you live in Los Angeles, the Speilberg camp is reporting that they need 700 extras for a few days worth of shooting on A.I..

If this report confused you, read the news for September 2000.

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prongs is back up
October 7 2000 

We're Back

We apologise but since Friday September 29, the machine that prongs.org resides on was unplugged and turned off. Prongs is now being hosted in a different location now (downtown Buffalo, NY), where not only is it a better situation, but on a much faster network.

I would like to thank David Hummel for his work and time in bringing prongs.org back up.

Catching Up

During our downtime, I obviously couldn't check my mail (as the machine was sitting on someone's kitchen table), but slowly the mail is coming in with dates of October 2nd! I do have news on the AI movie and will post it real soon. Thanks for being patient.

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