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Ministry & VH1
June 19 2000 

I missed it, but I was told by several people that Ministry were featured on VH1 today.

They had a show on about the All Time Badasses of Rock'n'Roll. Interestingly, Al Jourgensen was #27 out of 40.

If anyone who works with VH1 (or close to someone in VH1) is reading this, push them to do some sort of "Behind The Story" on Ministry ;)

For more info, Brent mailed the mailing list with this:

Al made #27 out of 40, it was pretty good stuff on him. Scott Ian of Anthrax talked about how Al just kind of joined them on tour once for a while, and turned thier bus into Al's party house. The had some old interviews with him, nothing to new or anything. They talked about bringing together rock and industrial and paveing the way for Nine Inch Nails, Zombie, Static X and some others. They also played the "Jesus Built my Hotrod" video.

Thanks: Brent, Jason and Kristin

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Mailing List LIVE
June 18 2000 

The mailing list has been brought live. The newsletter has been turned off to be replaced by the mailing list.

Find out how to subscribe here.

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June 16 2000 


Under June 15 2000 I noted under the revoltingcocks.com section: "This site is going to be hosted and designed by Pulsity and will be official." It should be noted that I did not mean this particular site. I was referring to the domain revoltingcocks.com! Sorry, my English...


Several people from Chicago informed me that Marz (the new group from ex-Ministry members Rey Washam, Louie Svitek, and Bobby Hukij) are scheduled for a concert.

They will be playing on Friday, June 23rd at Vic's Theater (Chicago). Whoever goes, please send us all a review on the music and concert!


The tour has been called off in N. America because of Custom problems. Sometimes you would think groups coming over would clear up all visa problems prior to scheduling a tour...

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June 15 2000 

Live Album

The live album that was delayed is now going to be released on July 18th. I'll believe it when I see it - we all now what it's like.


The site is going to be hosted and designed by Pulsity and will be official.


Jared Boyer who does the superb graphics for this site sent me some pictures of his sculpture. I decided to share it with you people... You can view the picture here.


It seems that their tour in Philly and DC were supposed to take place a few days ago but when fans showed up, there was no band! Apparantly they are stuck in customs. Check out http://www.prongs.org/dmanual for tour dates. Meg Lee Chin and Not Breathing are supporting them on tour.

Jamie Duffy and Ethan Norvak

It seems that those two may not have been fired from Ministry by Al Jourgensen (read: June 01 2000). A close relative of Jamie wrote me an email saying so, but it was an email, so...

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June 6 2000 

We're all used to it as people who like Ministry and collect their albums. It seems that HMV is reporting that the Ministry Live album that was scheduled for release today (in N. America) has been pushed back till July 18th 2000.

This is at least what HMV reports here. They could be wrong. Let's hope so...

(Thanks Ulf Kristensson)

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June 5 2000 

Not really an update, but just wanted to say thanks. We passed the 129,000 user mark. Just when you thought Ministry were getting quiet.
I also added the following to the pages:

* Quick Lynx (aka links) on all the remaining pages to the important parts of the site.
* Better formatting of fonts.
* Fixed some dead links.

Over 150 people are signed up for the Newsletter.

Expect the following to happen over the next week or so:

* MP3 Page (they have been uploaded).
* Update to the FAQ (yes I know it hasn't been touched for a while)
* A page with compiled (cool/bad) news reports.
* A better links and store page.

As always, if you have any comments, news, or anything else, contact me.

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RevoltingCocks dot com
June 3 2000 

Another site seems to be coming at us: www.revoltingcocks.com.

The site is being hosted by Pulsity and will probably be designed by them. I am still waiting on an answer from the person who registered the site to see if it is official or not. Cool, can't wait....

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June 1 2000 

It does seem to be true, the fact that Ministry left their management, Concrete Management and therefore left the Ozzfest tour. A little while ago, Rey Washam, Louie Svitek, and Bobby Hukij left Ministry permanently to pursue their own project full time, called Marz. At this point, Ministry hired Jamie Duffy and Ethan Norvak (both from Acumen Nation) as they were scheduled to play Ozzfest. But last week Al Jourgensen fired the new members and pulled away from their management. Paul Barker knew nothing of this at the time this all happened.

Because Ministry left their management, this resulted in them being replaced by Soulfly on the OzzFest tour..

Cheers, Jason.

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