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December 29 2000 

Thanks to Mr. Me for emailing me with loadsa interesting stuff about Ministry's past releases. Over on the sideprojects page, there is more information about The Blackouts and Al's work with Alan Vega. Also, some information on older singles as well information on unreleased videos of unreleased songs, stuff concerning Lead Into Gold.

Also did you ever hear of the Ministry promo 12" called Mix It Yourself (from the NWO days), as well as a professionally shot home video from '84? How about other unreleased Ministry songs: Overkill, Love Change, Never Asked For Nothing, So So Life.

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December 28 2000 

Derek Hadley met Ministry on their previous tour in Columbus OH. He kindly sent me some of the scans he took of the CD inlay card he got autographed by both Jourgensen and Barker. You can check them out here. (The images may take a while to load and).

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December 26 2000 

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope everyone had a relaxing time away from work or school...

Invisible Fence

People have started to get their Ministry fences in the mail from Invisible Records. I am glad that everything worked out. D Moon kindly sent me the urls to some pictures of his Ministry fence: here and here. Who said fan-based sites were not seriously looked at?! Thanks, Melina!

Other Music

I got this email recently from Chris Goff:

This is for all the ministry fans, if your into older
ministry like Psalm69, filth pig, and such. You HAVE
to get your hands on the Dope cd entiteled "felons and
revolutionaries" or go onto napster and look up the
song "pig society" it is sooooooo ministry
influenced! The entire cd is just a joy to listen to.

I haven't checked these guys out (yet), but will be on the lookout...

Apathy Lyrics

Thanks for D Moon for the minor corrections for the Supernaut song, Apathy...

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December 3 2000 

Kergillian has sent us some more lyrics/corrections. First, the Beers, Steers and Queers EP from Revco. He also corrected lyrics on Beers, Steers and Queers.

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