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Some Stuff...
September 27 2000 

The movie that Spielberg is working on is called A.I. (Artificial Intellegence). The film is originally by the late Kubrik. Kubrik has been noted to have been amused and delighted by the song Thieves by Ministry.

(Thanks Jay and Micheal Mulloy)

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Some Stuff...
September 26 2000 

Ministry and Spielberg

I got official word that it's true: Ministry are going to be putting together a soundtrack for Spielberg's secret project. So currently, Ministry are recording material for it. I guess this answers the question, Are Ministry splitting up now?...


The release date for the Marz album is October 17th. Read the July section for more on these guys.

Marz: ex-Ministry members Rey Washam, Louie Svitek, and Bobby Huki

Invisible Records

Time for me to bitch now. But I'm not the only one. In the past 2 days, since I first asked people if they received anything from Invisible Records after they were promised they would be sent tour souvenirs (if they filled out a postcard), many people have written. So, keep the emails coming and I will post the emails on a page and send it to Gnat from Invisible.

Paul Buethe is the only one who recieved something and you can see it here. Still, this is one person out of something like 20.

Ironic thing is, some people who sent in the postcard (and didn't recieve what they were promised), got other promotional items from Invisible. So maybe it was Invisible's ploy to collect address for snail mail spam. Who knows? Promotional items such as postcards for upcoming albums. This is probably illegal...

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Interesting Stuff...
September 24 2000 

Ministry and Hollywood? (RUMOUR)

I have received many emails pointing to articles that indicate Ministry may be providing noise for the secret Steven Spielberg upcoming flick. People in charge of contracting musicians for the film contacted Al Jourgensen and Paul Barker and made them move from Chicago to California. But be warned, at this stage, this is just a RUMOUR - (Read Sept. 26: this is confirmed).

Tapes of Wrath

Well, I watched the DVD of Tapes of Wrath. Even though I saw most videos before, it is an awesome collection. There are apparantly several versions of this video compilation. Earlier presses of the video include Revenge (With Sympathy) and some extra Revco videos. The Tapes of Wrath page is here. Order your copy from any major record store if you haven't already - well worth it.

Invisible Records

Remember when Invisible Records put out the Ministry tribute albums? Think back... Wasn't there a small postcard requesting your name and address and if you mailed it back to Invisible Records, they would send you a piece of the stage set Ministry used on their '89-90 tour? This was on the Wish You Were Queer tribute album. Invisible even said each piece was numbered and authenticated.

I completely forgot about this till someone email me today. I haven't received such a thing in the mail (yes, I did mail the card to Invisible Records) and it's been a while. I received nothing from them.

If you haven't gotten your promise either, and you did mail out the postcard, email me. I will be interested in what Invisible Records has to say concerning this matter.

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Tapes of Wrath
September 22 2000 

I recieved my copy of the Tapes of Wrath on DVD from cdnow in the mail yesterday. I haven't even had time to watch it yet, but will try to do so over the weekend. James Warren sent me a review and I have put it up on the page for Tapes of Wrath, which you can see here.

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Damage Manual / DVD
September 17 2000 

Damage Manual

Damage Manual have released their full length LP on September 12 2000. It is self-titled. The tracklisting (roughly):

King Mob
Age of Urges
Top Ten Severed
Peepshow Ghosts
303 edit of Sunset Gun
2 remixes of Blame and Demand (Laswell remix, Wobble)
A remix of Damage Addict

There is another webpage hosted on prongs.org, which is dedicated to Damage Manual, here.

DVD Started to Ship Out

Several people wrote to me and stated that their Ministry DVD's have started to be shipped to them, from the places they ordered. Barnes & Nobles are one of them; CDNOW is another.

This angers me, because I ordered the DVD from Amazon and I haven't heard from them yet. So I cancelled the order from Amazon and decided to order from CDNOW and they give a shipping date of 24 hours. Also, Amazon sold the DVD for $21.49, CDNOW charges $17.49 (VHS for $15.49).

Apoptygma Berzerk & VNV Nation

I know this has absolutely nothing to do with Ministy whatsoever, but this angers me...

I drove from Buffalo, NY to Cleveland, OH on Friday September 15th to see Apoptygma Berzerk and VNV Nation. I bought the tickets to go see them and I was all set.

Upon arriving at the venue, I was told that both bands cancelled the show on the day of the concert. At this point I figured it was beyond their control and their management screwed them around. Nevertheless, other acts took the stage (Nauxious Emotion, Assemblage23, Furnace St., and more).

During the show, I learnt the reason why Apop didn't play that night was because they did not like the stage and the lights in the venue. This is a very selfish and immature reason. If you were in the same situation, email Apoptygma Berzerk and tell them what you feel...

It wasn't VNV Nation's fault and they will be touring after Apop finishes. See you at their Toronto, Canada gig.

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September 12 2000 

VH1 Show

Now here's a station, that at least in the US blows away MTV by miles - does MTV even play music videos anymore? I received this email from the VH-1 Production department (Linda Eckert):

"Look for Ministry on VH-1. Beginning November 13th,
VH-1 will countdown the "100 Greatest Artists of Hard
Rock" as chosen by a panel of music journalists,
critics and musicians. The show will air for an hour
each night for 5 consecutive nights."

This is great, especially after Ministry has sadly dissapeared from mainstream media. Props!

HBO Show

Talking of TV, the previous Sunday (Sept. 10), I was surfing through channels and came across a movie on Ian MacKaye (he was the vocalist for Ministry sideproject PailHead).

The show was on his primary band Fugazi and they didn't mention Pailhead but I caught the end of the show. If anyone has any more details on this, please email me. I am hoping to catch this show again.

DVD Sighting

Ulf Kristensson sent me another URL of where the upcoming Ministry DVD can be bought. This also has the street date release of the 19th of September. So I think Amazon was just confused and they weren't selling it since August 8th. The site can be seen here.

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Tapes Of Wrath Announcement
September 11 2000 

Just when you think we are dead...well, nothing much to report lately.

However, Ulf Kristensson informed me about this page which basically also announced the DVD release for September 19th and they are selling it for $24.99. See for yourself here.

Their videolisting is the same as the one we always had, but they mention the "The Land Of Rape And Honey" video is Live. The page also misspells Red Blood, which of course should be Bad Blood.

Just to remind you, here is the video listing:

1. "Over the Shoulder"
2. "Stigmata"
3. "Flashback"
4. "Burning Inside"
5. "The Land of Rape and Honey" (live)
6. "Jesus Built My Hotrod"
7. "N.W.O."
8. "Just One Fix"
9. "Lay Lady Lay"
10. "Reload"
11. "Bad Blood"
12. "Crackin' Up"
13. "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy"

You'll notice how there are some Revco shoots on there too!

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