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The Damage Manual Page
April 28 2000 

Our New Page

Jared Boyer (graphics artist) and I both present to you a page we did in one day on The Damage Manual. Yes, you will find mp3s and a link to buy the album, as well as other goodies...

The page can be seen here.


If you have a page, and you wanna link us, use the banner above, and send one our way for your page.

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The Damage Manual
April 26 2000 

If you want to listen to the released Damage Manual EP, One you may do so from emusic.com.

The link to take you directly to the Damage Manual page, where you can download the track Sunset Gun for free is here:

One by Damage Manual (Invisible Records)

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Damage Manual
April 25 2000 

Damage Manual released their Multimedia EP CD today titled, One - in the US & Canada. It's out on Invisible Records where you can order it.

I like this EP, it's unique. If you are familiar with Atkins' work, you will immediately spot the talents on the drums. Connelly's singing style is awesome in this album, just like it's been on all his stuff.

I am too tired right now to write a review. Anyone out there want to write a review? Enlighten us.

Still not sure? This site will have mp3s up real soon (we have the space currently) but need to finalise things and begin uploading...Stay tuned.

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OzFest Changes
April 18 2000 

Minor changes in the Ozzfest dates. The Toronto show has been cancelled and in place of that is a show in Cleveland, Ohio. (The Toronto date cancellation has also been confirmed by Toronto's Edge 102.1 FM)

So check out the latest tour dates here.

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Ozzfest / Skinny Puppy
April 17 2000 

Toronto Ozzfest Date

Brent informs me that the Ozzfest date for Toronto may be cancelled. This is because of the timing involved: it would take too much time for all the band members and equipment to cross the border (customs) and then make it back to the US immediately after.

Sorry, Toronto fans, although they are playing in the US a few hours away from the border....

Skinny Puppy

I know this isn't really Ministry related but I am sure most of you also listen to Skinny Puppy. They will be re-uniting for a gig in Dresden, Germany for the Orkus [a german magazine] Doomsday festival on August 19th & 20th. No other tour dates are currently scheduled.

You can read more on Scott Graham's pages.

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Live Albums
April 15 2000 

You may or may not know, but it was announced that Ministry are going to be releasing three live albums over the next few months, on Ipecac Records (led by Mike Patton - Faith No More/Mr. Bungle/Solo). (I first reported it back on February 20 2000)

The first live album is being released on June 6th and was recorded on the Psalm 69 Tour in '92.

Here is the tracklisting:

  • NWO
  • The Missing
  • Deity
  • Hero
  • Psalm 69
  • Just One Fix
  • So What
  • Thieves
  • Stigmata
  • Breathe

There are no tracklistings available for the other two live albums but they will be from the following tours (with the release dates):

  • Sphinc Tour 1996 (Release Date: July 25)
  • Cli Tour 1999 (Release Date: November)

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April 6 2000 

Samiam (who also reported about the Slipknot interview under April 04) has something of interest to note to all of us. The movie River Wild (with Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon), has a bit of the Ministry influence going... Here's the quote:

Bacon plays one of two thugs that hitch a ride down a river
with Streep and her family. He befriends her son, and gives him a Ministry
hat. In one scene, as Bacon and the kid are in a separate raft, they are
playing the song Psalm 69....

Also (this one has been mentioned before) in Jackie Chan's flick, Rumble In The Bronx the track Stigmata is played.

Other appearances of Ministry on movies can be seen at the FAQ and the Discography pages.

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April 4 2000 

Announcement List

I have started an announcement list. You can subscribe here. You will be sent an email anytime some news comes through.

Terry Bones Interview

The interview questions will be sent to Mr. Bones himself later this week. In case people are wondering, Terry Bones was the guitarist on the In Case You Didn't... video wearing the cowboy hat.

I asked him who the other members were on the video (apart from Paul Barker, Al J., Ogre, etc) and he sent this back:

Yep,that's me [in the cowboy hat]. Mike Scasha or something like that was the other guitar player,and there were 2 drummers.I don't know.It should be in the credits somewhere..

Ministry is NOT just Al J.

I recieved this email from Susan Doktor:

I just wanted to say that the other ministry pages focus just on Al Jourgensen, when it is not just him making all the music/lyrics in Ministry OR the sideprojects.

Many artists worked with Al J. on all the projects. And as far as Ministry, there is always Paul Barker! Your page is the first in mentioning Paul Barker - thank you!!

She's right...Paul Barker is also a member of Ministry, and the other collaborators are listed on the sideprojects page.

Damage Manual

Remeber Damage Manual? Chris Connelly's new band.

Well, Funguss was cool enough to tell me about an online interview at Chart Attack.

The tracklisting for their upcoming One EP:

* Sunset Gun
* Damage Addict
* Scissors Quick Step
* Blame And Demand
* Leave The Ground
* Blame And Demand (Dub Mix)
* Damage Addict (Dub Mix)


Just a reminder that Ministry are going to be taking part on this year's Ozzfest tour and you can view
the tour dates at the Tour Page.


In the latest issue of Alternative Press, Slipknot listed their top influences. They put Ministry in at #6...

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