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Live Albums
May 24 2000 

As I had reported on April 15th 2000, one of the live albums will have the following tracklisting:

1. N.W.O.
2. The Missing
3. Deity
4. Hero
5. Psalm 69
6. Just One Fix
7. So What
8. Thieves
9. Stigmata

In case you don't know, Ministry are releasing 3 new live albums, one after each other. Mike Patton's Ipecac record label will be releasing all of 'em.
You may want to read news from March/April concerning these...

Brent tells me that HMV has it listed for pre-order.

It's being released on June 6th in Canada and they are selling it for Canadian: $26.99 and US: $17.99 (but that's HMV prices) .

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Ozzfest Reports
May 21 2000 

Why were they dropped from Ozzfest? There may be a bunch of reasons, but Ben sent me this quote, which was taken from Pimprock:

Ministry Of Ozz
By wookubus
(Reported 3:08 PM PST 05/18/2000)

Some light has been shed on why Ministry are no longer playing this years Ozzfest apparently the band had been on the Ozzfest bill as a favor from the Ozzfest camp to Concrete Management and their former manager Walter O'Brien, when the Ozzfest organizers found out that Ministry was no longer managed by Concrete, (which the group recently parted ways with), they replaced the group with Soulfly. Apparently to make matters even more complicated the band had parted ways with the management and called them 3 hours after handing them the papers asking if they would pretend to be the groups management until after Ozzfest which Walter agreed to, he explained his actions stating:

"The band was on Ozzfest as a favor to me, but when Ozzfest found out we had parted ways, they decided to replace the band with Soulfly, I said yes, since it would have helped them out. Because, after everything, I'm still a huge Ministry fan."

Pretty weird. We don't really know how true it is, but there must be some truth to it as Walter spoke on the matter. We shall wait and see...

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Site Changes
May 20 2000 

I spent most of the afternoon transferring all the pages on this site (they were Server-Side includes before - .shtml) to PHP3 pages. What does this mean to you? Faster, but for us, it saves us a lot of time when editing these pages.

If you notice any errors, just mail us from the error page you may get sent to.


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May 19 2000 

Interview One

I was emailed today by the guys over at drdrew.com and they informed me that they interviewed Paul Barker for 5 minutes. Good interview, funny...
Here is a snippet:

Drew.com: What was your most memorable celebrity encounter?
PB: Backstage at a Nine Inch Nails show, I said to Trent Reznor, "I'm happy you're making money from the sweat off my back." His reply was, "Bend over and take it like a man." Then we blew each other.

Interview II

Thanks to Frank L Genuardi for sending me this interview. It's from the Incite Video game magazine. You can read it here.

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May 16 2000 

Ministry are NOT going to be playing the second stage of the Ozzfest tour. They are going to be replaced by Soulfly... No reason right now about why they are not playing... Check out their Official Site if you don't believe me. We don't lie. Or play bad jokes.

Thanks Mattias Hultgren

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Terry Bones Interview
May 6 2000 

Well, we got Terry Bones to respond to some of our interview questions. Pretty interesting. Wow...

(Terry Bones played live with Ministry and is the guitarist with the cowboy hat, on the In Case You Didn't... Live Video.)

Anyways, here we go (formatting was edited):

---------------- Begin --------------------
As for the MP3's,I think it's a real rip off to the artists and the
bands that take time to record the albums,etc....I think if people want
to hear the music,they should be fair and but it themselves.

I am currently in the band the Anti-Hero's, and am with my original band
Discharge from the UK,and am going back over there the end of this month
to finish recording our new album with all of the original

Growing up my musical influences were the Damned,UK SUBS,Sex
Pistols,all English stuff,as for gutar players,my main influence as
Nicky Garret from the UK Subs.I really idolized him.

As for how I met and hooked up with Ministry, I met them when I lived in
Chicago through my wife at the time,that worked at Wax Trax.

They approached me due to my experience,and I accepted. I played with them
for about 3 years (on and off), doing Revco and Lard, played with them on
several albums and a video.

As for funny stories about the band, Al couldn't control me with
his drugs like the rest off the little boys in the band. He used drugs to
manipulate and control,and I was not going to be one of his little
slaves or "boy toys". I finally decided it was better to go on about my
own projects than stay with the band,so I left when it got a little to
METAL for me.I left around 1993 or 94, whenever the Lollapoooza tour was
up.If you need any mre info,e-mail back.Thanks. Terry

------------------ End ------------------------
Well, there you have it....

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