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Tour Dates
March 30 2000 


I have posted up some Ministry tour dates.
They will be playing on the OzzFest tour, on the second stage.
As always the tour dates are here.

Is this official? Read below:

Ozzy was a guest on Howard Stern this
morning and they announced that Ministry
will be performing on the second stage for
Ozzfest. Whats cool about second stage is
that you can get right on top of the band

(thanks to Jeff, mr. apples, and Mandy)

Posted by Afra ( 56 )

March 27 2000 

AP Report

There is an interesting article in this month's Alternative Press. It talks about the new Revolting Cocks album, and that Al J. has sent invitations to Iggy Pop and Axl Rose for their participation in the new upcoming album. So we shall see what happens.


Ok, ok, I know they haven't been around for a while, but now we have a server which will host some MP3s. So by the end of the week the MP3 page will re-open.


The main page to prongs.org has changed. Check it out here.


Keep those interview questions for Terry Bones coming. The list is growing. Thanks...

Posted by Afra ( 57 )

Terry Bones Interview
March 22 2000 

Terry Bones, guitarist who has played live with Ministry (he can be seen on the In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up Video) has returned home after his tour with The Business.

A while back, I promised an interview with him and he has agreed.

But, we're going to make this one a cool interview. You can send me any questions you want asked. I will only take the best 10-15 Questions to ask him. Email your questions to me, at afra at prongs.org.

Once the interview is conducted, I will obviously post it here.

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OzzFest / Bad Blood / Stats
March 15 2000 


Rumours will be rumours, but this one has finally been confirmed. Ministry will be co-headliners on this year's Ozzfest, along with Pantera and Ozzy. This should be pretty interesting..

Bad Blood

On March the 13th I noted that I heard Bad Blood being played on an ad on TV. I caught it again and got some emails about it. The ad was showing off Nintendo 64's Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 game.


Wow, just when I was thinking the page wasn't getting that many hits! I was looking at the statistics generated monthly for my server, prongs.org and in the month of February 2000 I had a total of 103516 hits to this server.

prongs.org doesn't just host this ministry site, but other sites as well, but the ministry page takes up a majority of those hits. That is a lot of hits! Thanks guys - keep it coming! (from March 01 to March 10, there has been a total of 36443 hits - that's over 3644 hits a day!)

I would like to thank Dave Hummel for helping me host prongs.org on the server.

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March 13 2000 

Ulf Kristensson tells me that the Ministry song 10/10 will appear on the Playstation's game Street Sk8er 2 soundtrack. You can check out more at their page here.

I also heard Bad Blood being played for the music on an ad on TV. I caught the end but the ad was showing off some game. Anyone know which one?

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Ministry Cover Info.
March 9 2000 

Joe Mulligan kindly sent me this email:

For anyone that hasn't heard the
Static-X/Burton version of "Burning Inside"
you can go to www.loudside.com . The Crow: Salvation soundtrack is their featured CD of
the month and u can listen to cover version
of the whole song in RealAudio
----End Comment--------

I noticed the song was by Static-X and Burton. You may be confused and thinking "I thought it was Fear Factory?".. If I remember correctly, Burton is the lead singer of Fear Factory. He's got a good aggressive voice in which he uses to mix melody. Pretty unique - I think his full name is Burton C. Bell.

As an interesting sidenote, former Frontline Assembly member, Rhys Fulber (also of WILL, Delerium, and the other side projects with Bill Leeb) produced Fear Factory's latest offering.

Posted by Afra ( 61 )

More Releases/Revco
March 8 2000 

Crow:Salvation Soundtrack

As I reported before in the February pages, Static-X and Fear Factory recorded a cover of Ministry's Burning Inside for the Crow: Salvation Soundtrack.

I heard it on a promo copy of the soundtrack and wow, not bad. Hear what others had to say (from Jim Malloy):

just wanted to tell you i recieved an
advance promo of the Crow:Salvation
soundtrack, and the Static-X/Fear Factory
cover of Burning inside is awesome, puts any
other cover i have heard to shame. [the rest is cut]


As I have been reporting over the past few weeks about the upcoming Revco album. Basically, they are recording a new album on the Trax! label.. Now, it was said that Chris Connelly and Bill Reiflin, both would not be on the album, as they may be busy with Damage Manual (the new project with Martin Atkins).

However, Chris Connelly has been noted to say that he WILL be involved with the new Revco, but Bill Reiflin still won't be. Chris then noted that Reiflin was always welcome to join.


Again, if you want to send us a message please do so by filling out the form here.

My homepage is also up here.

(thanks Derek Betts and Beth Schneider)

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