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November 26 2000 

VNV Nation

I know this has nothing to do with Ministry, but what the hell...I saw VNV Nation on the 23rd in Cleveland, OH. They played with Dubok and Decoded Feedback. I met them as well and they're pretty cool guys. There's the latest pic of me with Mark from VNV, Ronin from VNV, Dubok and Decoded Feedback...

Paul Barker Site

This site is hilarious. Some of the quotes on this should have you smiling. Visit the Anti Paul Barker page. Thanks to Major Narcotics for this link...

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November 22 2000 

Just some random stuff. Sorry for not updating recently, but there's hasn't been much to talk about. I am bombarded with 24 inches of snow in Buffalo, NY and driving bans are in effect all over the city. I gotta move...


So I take it most of you have seen the Ministry clip on VH1's "Top 100 Hard Rock Bands". I was happy to see Tool on it, as well as nin. Led Zepplin got the #1 spot, with #2 going to Black Sabbath. If you missed it, I am sure VH1 will play it again (and again).

Thanks, VH1...

Lay Lady Lay

Reza Chaudhry emailed me recently and noted that he has seen a different\ video for Lay Lady Lay from the version that was on Tapes of Wrath. Does anyone know? He watched it on Mtv a few years back...

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Ministry on VH1
November 14 2000 

Ministry made it on the VH1 list of Top 100 Hard Rock Bands. They were 62 and I am impressed. Never thought I would see Al Jourgensen on VH1. They showed a very short snippet of an old interview where Al talked about how he created the music. To his left was Martin Atkins.

On top of all that, Green Day talked about how Ministry were the loudest band they ever saw. Even Rob Halford (Judas Priest) was impressed with how Ministry does their own thing...

So if you missed it, I am sure they will replay it. It's 62/100..

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Lyrics and Contact
November 12 2000 


Thanks to Kergillian for sending us the lyrics to Lead Into Gold's Chicks & Speed album. You can read them here.


I received an email from a previous member of Revco.. We may do an interview... I will post it up here obviously...

Ministry Webmasters

I got a few emails from ministry webmasters.. I want to create a Ministry
links page to all the other Ministry pages around the web. So if you run one, please email me. Thanks..

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Biafra Speech
November 5 2000 

Jello Biafra's excellant speech he presented at H2K is now online thanks to 2600. You may hear his speech here. There are more H2K panels to come.

Even though having no computer experience, Biafra talks about "corporate control of the media, the presidential election, censorship, the future of the Internet, Napster, pirate radio, online activism, and hackers".

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Chris Connelly & Questions
November 2 2000 

Tapes Of Wrath Questions

I was sent this by email today and there is one I stumbled on:

1.)Who is that one guy in the "Land of Rape and Honey"
video that is shown sucking his thumb and then doing
the 'sieg heil' salute?

Jello Biafra

2.)Who is the black guy who appears in both Revolting
Cocks videos? I also thought I saw him in the "Lay
Lady Lay" video.

Keyboardist (mainly) - Duane Buford

3.)Who is the old man that appears in the
video, "Crackin' Up"?

Timothy Leary (doh! Of course..hehe..sorry, it escaped my mind. LSD Guru.)

Ministry Webmasters

Other Ministry webmasters: email me with your links...

Chris Connelly in Chicago

Invisible Records has stated that Chris Connelly will be performing at The Abbey (3420 W. Grace, 773.478.4408) in Chicago on November 17th @ 10:00 PM.....

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