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Ministry Cover
September 25 2002 

Deceptik, a group made up of a couple of dedicated designers of sound who either have, still do,
or of been accused of experimenting with drugs. The two culprits involved (Justin Mooney
and Mike Klavon) get together in a basement and just start programming
breaks, synth and bass lines. And sometimes, when they're inspired enough,
theres the occasional writing of lyrics too.

They have sent me an interesting cover of Ministry's track Flashback, which you may download on the MP3 page.

Here is what Justin Mooney has to say about it:

"Deceptik's cover of Ministry's "Flashback" takes on a drum&bass/experimental
approach. Deceptik in no way are to be considered "skilled musicians", so all
aspects of the original composition are gone (of course with the exception of
the vocals). Besides aren't cover songs are for bad tribute albums, and
(never gonna make it, over the hill) bar bands anyways? "

Check out the mp3 and then check out their homepage
where you can download other tracks from these guys...

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Another MP3
September 22 2002 

Another MP3 has been posted on the sound page. It is a live version of Over The Shoulder.


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Al's Marriage
September 20 2002 

I received this email from Justin. Congratulations, Al.

Hey I found out that Al got married,,,thought I would
email you, I found it in the news at

We recently learned that Ministry mastermind Alain
Jourgensen has tied the knot and gotten married.
Details are sketchy but stayed tuned for an exclusive
photo here. "I was out shopping at my favorite
clothing store in Chicago, and the store owner showed
me the photos," says Alex Zander, MK ULTRA editor-in-
chief. Al was wearing a white tux with his trademark
cowboy hat over his dyed bright red hair, and the
beautiful bride wore white. The newly crowned Mrs.
Jourgensen reportedly works in the music business.

Congrats to Al!

Posted by Afra ( 180 )

New MP3 Up
September 9 2002 

The Live version of Isle of Man flowing into the song Where You At Now is up on the MP3 Page.


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