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Animositisomina Cover
November 18 2002 

Some people (Plasmo, Brian) have emailed me over the weekend telling me that they have seen the cover for the Ministry upcoming release, Animositisomina.

The image is interesting, as it includes the three symbols corresponding to a particular Abrahamic faith: the Crescent Moon and Star (Islam), the Cross (Christianity), and the Star of David (Judaism). Each symbol is covering a particular sense on the sheep's face.

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November 14 2002 

Lyrics to Animositisomina, the album due out in February 2003, have been released onto this site. You can check them out here....

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Another MP3 and Samples now work
November 10 2002 


There were problems with downloading the sample tracks here which have now been fixed.

Sorry about that.


Our good friend, Bisquitodoom has given me the MP3 to I See Red to put on this site. The song is from the Twitch Demos Bootleg. You can download it here...

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MP3s and Lyrics
November 9 2002 


Minute samples for the forthcoming album, Animositisomina can be downloaded here. They are listed in order and are fairly small in size.


The lyrics for Ministry's latest album, Animositisomina (which is not out until February) are currently being worked by myself with a bunch of people.

A lyrics page will be created once we are more than half way through....

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Just Like You (Live)
November 2 2002 

A live version of Just Like You has been uploaded into the sound section.


Thank you Bisquitodoom.

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