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Damage Manual
May 31 2002 

Site Back Up

Due to popular demand, I have put the Damage Manual site back up. Though I probably won't have much time to update it, so if you are interested in keeping it updated, send me an email. I have updated the page with the lyrics to their latest album...

Posted by Afra ( 164 )

News Pages
May 30 2002 

I rewrote the news pages to use databases (how every news site should be run), therefore you can search and it will be much faster.

If you notice anything odd with it, please email me...



Posted by Afra ( 163 )

May 29 2002 

It was pointed out by Curt on the Message Board that there is an interview with Al over on Blistering.

The interview can be read here.

Posted by Afra ( 160 )

May 20 2002 


Thank you to Curt Myers for emailing me about an interview he found on the pages of KNAC. It's an interview with Paul Barker which you can read here.

He talks in detail about Al's use of drugs, and it's an interesting read...


Minor Public notified me of some errors in some lyrics I had posted up. They are now fixed...

Also...the message board has been changed. Please re-register and take part. The new software is very flexible and full of cool features...Thanks and sorry for the hassle.

Posted by Afra ( 161 )