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New MP3 added
June 25 2002 

The MP3 to Same Old Madness (Studio) is now up on the Sound page....

NWO Bonus Beats will be taken down shortly, so grab it before it's too late...

Posted by Afra ( 171 )

Ministry MP3s
June 18 2002 

Some good news...

Thanks to Bisquitodoom, there will be some mp3s available for download on the Audio section of this website.

Every week, or so, an MP3 will be replaced with a new MP3, so only one will be up at a time.

These MP3s will be rare Ministry tracks, not on any albums. If you have any to share please email me.

To start off, we have the rare track, NWO (Bonus Beats) Mix. You may download it here....


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Short Interview
June 17 2002 

A short interview can be read here. Basically, for those who thought Al was retiring from music, it's not going to happen anytime soon:

"I can't. I don't know what else to do. I've had a dishwashing job and a job where they made me pluck the feathers out of a chicken. I fucking hated it though. That's it man - I mean, fuck, I've got music flowing through my bones. I would do it anyway regardless."

Thanks cQ...

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June 8 2002 

Ulf's done it again.

He's sent me 14 pictures from the Sphinctour DVD, as well as shots from the Artificial Intelligence video.

You can view the pictures on the Pictures page, which I will be updating and making it look better....

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Humour Video
June 4 2002 

This is very amusing...

Some kids went to see Dead Kennedys live recently. However, they were annoyed that the band were going to play the concert without the lead singer, Jello Biafra.

The kids went to the concert and threw jello on stage, right at the band. They do get kicked out but only after a small fight...You'll have to watch closely to see the guitarist jump at the guys...

Amusing...You can download the video here....

Posted by Afra ( 167 )

Ministry A.I. Pictures
June 3 2002 

Chris sent me a link to bigger and better pictures of Ministry when they appeared at the A.I. film premiere at New York. Check them out here.

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Ministry Videos
June 1 2002 

Videos for download

P-non (a good friend, who has helped a lot with the lyrics) posts on the Discussion Board about some Ministry videos for download.

You can get to the clips by going to www.darkspoon.com, and then clicking on the Media link and then the Video link. You'll be able to view some short clips of select songs...

Posted by Afra ( 165 )