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March 26 2002 


Chris sent me an email about an online review of Spinchtour. You can check it out here.

Discussion Board

I have nearly completed the discussion board, and it seems to be working fine so far. There are already quite a few posts...

You can enter through the menus or from here. To get to the action, you may go directly to the General Ministry section.

Posted by Afra ( 153 )

March 22 2002 

Discussion Board

Don't forget about the discussion board on this site, here.

Official Site

Ulf Kristensson sent me an email notifying me that www.darkspoon.com is the official Ministry website - run by them. The site contains updated release information for the upcoming live album.


I received an email from Sanctuary Records (Ministry's record label) today.
You should check out their E-card here regarding the new live album out. Awesome work!

Already they seem to be doing much more than WBR.

Posted by Afra ( 154 )

BestBuy Promo
March 5 2002 

For those people in the USA, BestBuy is offering a special regarding the upcoming Ministry Spinchtour release. They are running an offer that if you preorder the album, they will include an "enhanced video of So What."

You can even see this online.

Posted by Afra ( 155 )

European Spinchtour Release
March 4 2002 

Ulf Kristensson tells us that the European release date for the live Ministry album, Spinchtour, is on March 18th. You can check it out youself online from here.

For more information and news regarding this album, please check the February 2002 page.

I have also made up a new page for this upcoming album here.

Posted by Afra ( 156 )