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Invisible Scam - ??
February 26 2002 

If any of you have been reading this webpage for a while, you probably would have remembered the whole Invisible Records fiasco. Basically, people who purchased the Ministry cover album, Wish You Were Queer, were promised a piece of the ministry cage (that was used in tour).

Many people wrote in, both to me and Invisible Records, complaining that they had not received what they were promised. I forwarded Invisible the emails and eventually received a response from them, which you may read here (includes an email sent to me by Martin Atkins himself). They apologized and asked people to send their name and address to them so that they could deliver the cage pieces. Second promise.

At this point, I was told around October 2000, that people will in-fact receive their cage. A few months after this ordeal, some people wrote in saying they did not receive their cage, after they had sent in their name and address. Some people got it, but most didn't, it seemed. Several people emailed them, but received no response back. Even I had not received the cage.

So this all comes up again because someone had told me of these ebay auctions that are currently going on:

These links show Invisible records are auctioning off the cages. Seems pretty unfair to me. The Ebay page listing for Invisible records can be seen here.

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Interesting News
February 25 2002 


Many people sent in this report over at Digital Metal. The page outlines that Ministry has signed to Sanctuary Records and that Ministry are currently in the studio recording their upcoming album Animositisomina. Other good news is that they are planning a headlining tour this summer.

The page can be read here.

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Album News / Sound Clip
February 24 2002 

Sphintour Live CD

Wayne sent me an email and mentioned that the upcoming Sphinctour Live CD will also be released on VHS and DVD. All of the songs from the CD are present in the same order, but it will also contain The Fall, So What, and Stigmata!

You can check out the HMV listing for this CD...

Sound Clip

Bruce Prewitt was kind enough to let me know about a MP3 clip from the upcoming live CD. It is Track 5, Just One Fix and you may pick it up here!

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Old Interview
February 13 2002 

Hypopan pointed me to an old interview with Nine Inch Nails frontman, Trent Reznor. He mentioned Ministry and how you should not have them over as houseguests! Here's the snippet:

I made the mistake the first year I was down here -- and I do mean MISTAKE with capital letters -- of inviting the band Ministry to stay in my house. I didn't understand the epic scale of Mardi Gras at the time, nor the epic scale of what the guys were capable of in that band. I don't know how the house didn't burn down and/or everything get stolen out of it. It starts with five people, and it ends with 40 people you've never seen before at six in the morning, standing on your couch, going through your records, laying on the floor naked. It was an interesting experience that I've learned not to repeat: Don't invite rock bands to stay at your house at Mardi Gras.

The interview in full can be read here.

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Live Album
February 5 2002 

I have received lots of email about this. It seems that Ministry is releasing a Live Album, called Sphinctour. The tracklisting seems to be:

01 - "Psalm 69"
02 - "Crumbs"
03 - "Reload"
04 - "Filth Pig"
05 - "Just One Fix"
06 - "N.W.O."
07 - "Hero"
08 - "Thieves"
09 - "Scarecrow"
10 - "Lava"
11 - "Fall"

You can also read this on the KNAC News page.

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