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October 21 2002 

The new album, Animositisomina is to be released in February and it's going to be the group's "fastest and heaviest" offering since 1992's Psalm 69.

Some sample track names:

"Crucial Bitch"
"The Light Pours Out" (Magazine cover)

A world tour will be under way soon after the release.

Discussion here.

(Thanks to Marie, HellRaiser)

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Hellfudge MP3
October 20 2002 

A live version of the track Hellfudge is now available in the MP3 format on the Sound page. The recording is from 1988.


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New Album on Time
October 19 2002 

Some good news that Jason Borrenpohl sent me regarding Ministry's upcoming album. Also humourous:

bill reiflin has confirmed that the record is finished
at his online diary. also he mentions how it was done
in record time which is funny.


This is the quoted lines from the diary:

"Spoke w/ Paul Barker the other day. There is a new Ministry record ready for release. I must say, they finished it much faster that I ever expected. Someone could have won a lot of money had they bet me."

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Al's Marriage
October 13 2002 

I received an email from Matt Healy recently that explained the deal with Al's marriage:

"Some call Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen the king of
industrial metal, but he paid tribute to a king of a
different stripe when he married girlfriend Angelina
Lukacin at Elvis' Graceland mansion late last month.
The next Ministry album, Animositisomina, is finished
and scheduled for February release. ... "

The snippet is from this MTV News story.

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New Album Finished
October 9 2002 

Shawn Dossett informs me of a snippet of news he read online regarding Ministry.

Over on theprp.com, they are reporting:

"Ministry have completed work on their upcoming new album "Animositisomnia" and are expecting a February release through Sanctuary."

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New MP3 Up
October 1 2002 

Yep, another MP3 posted up on the Sound page. It's a track called Love Change. Cheesy, but amusing and fun...

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