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Revenge Video
July 26 2002 

Revenge Video Mirror

Thanks goes out to Matt who volunteered to mirror the video to Revenge. You may download it from:


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New Mailing List
July 25 2002 

I have put up a new mailing list. Please sign up for the latest news, and discussions. I know we have this board, but if any of you want important news emailed to you, or just want to start discussions, sign up.

If you were on the old mailing list, you do not need to sign up.

To sign up, do so here.

You can always read the archives here.

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New Uploads
July 24 2002 

Sorry for the lack of updates, but nothing new has been circulating around. Remember, to discuss Ministry related stuff, check out the Ministry board.

Revenge Video

I will be putting up the Revenge video for download in the next few days. Awesome picture and sound, it is definantly worth a download. Because of the size of the video, 40 Mb, I cannot put it up for long, so it will probably be up only for a day or two. I will announce ahead of time when it will be up.

Check out a simple shot I took of it here.

Update: The video has been put live. Download it from here....

No Devotion MP3

The live track, No Devotion has been uploaded, and it features Ogre on vocals. You may download it here....

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Walk in the Park MP3
July 13 2002 

The MP3 for A Walk In The Park (from the "I Wanted to Tell Her" single) has been put up. You may grab it at the MP3 page.

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Nature Of Outtakes
July 2 2002 

I have put up the mp3 for Nature of Outtakes. I have put the other mp3s back up as many people forgot to download it. So please download them now, as soon as you can, because I'm going to take them down tommorow...

You can download them from the Sound page...


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July 1 2002 

Just got back from Toronto where I attended the Synth Pop Goes The World festival.

It was great to meet and see Mesh, Assemblage 23, Clear Vision, Beborn Beton, etc, just to name a few. Great show...

Just wondering if anyone else went there?

Also, the NWO Bonus Beats mix has been taken down....

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