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August 7 1999 


The show was great. The venue State Theater is amazing!

Anyways, the show was great - mosh pit was huge, and lots of energy given off.

The set list was the same as it was played at other cities, but Jesus Built My Hotrod was not. I was speaking to Ministry after the show, and because of technical difficulties, they could not play that song.

Posted by Afra ( 36 )

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August 3 1999 


I'm off to see Ministry at Detroit, MI soon - a 6 hour drive from here (Buffalo, NY).

So, I hope to see some of you there.


Many more tour reviews added on the tour reviews pages - the latest are down at the top - reviews page.


I got this link a while back and would like to share this interview. I will make a interviews page coming weekend, as there are interview links all over the news and it would be nice to have them in one place.


Part II of the Wish You Were Queer is being currently compiled. The group DR (who have been produced by Martin Atkins before) have recorded Deity.


The Japanese import of the latest album, Dark Side of The Spoon, (Warner Bros. WPCR-10321)

Includes the Bad Blood single B-Side, "Happy Dust" and "Linda Summertime", the hidden track on the US Release.


I get many questions asking what Ministry play at their shows.

Lou Fazio sent me this excellant list:

Setlist: 9:20-10:45pm

Reload (Al: elec. mandolin)
Crumbs **
Psalm 69 (minus the big intro, they just went into the main verse riff)
Filth Pig (Al: harmonica, played very well!)
Lava **
So What **
Bad Blood (Al: slide git)
Just One Fix ** >>
N.W.O. >>
Hero >>
Thieves (backing vox by the lead singer of openers Nothingface, who sucked)

Encore 1:
Supermanic Soul
Nursing Home ** (no gits at all; Svitek played keys, Scaccia elec. banjo)
Jesus Built My Hotrod (Al: slide git)

Encore 2:
Supernaut (Al: git. I love the stern, anti-drug & anti-rock sampling of the
guy who says "they all sing the same refrain, it's fun to take a trip, put
acid in your veins...")

** joined by alto-saxist

That was for the show in New York City.

Posted by Afra ( 37 )