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Web Page / Reviews / Tour Dates
June 30 1999 

Official Ministry Web Page

Well, the official ministry web page is up and looks very good (finally).
There's info on the band as well as song samples. Check it out at wbr.

Album Review

I have added another review over on the Reviews Page. This one was sent to me by Verne.

Tour Dates

Just some corrections to the tour page. The Florida and South Carolina shows - Thank you Ameer S.

Also, September 5th will be their last date of the U.S. date - this comes from Warner Bros themselves.

Posted by Afra ( 22 )

Tribute CD / Tour Dates
June 26 1999 


The pictures from the Tribute CD called Wish You Were Queer.

These are property of John Bergin (Trust Obey) and Grinder Productions

CD Back
CD Front
CD Sleeve

His artwork is simply amazing!


More tour dates added for the US. The list is now growing.

Send me some tour reviews! Tell me which concert it was and how it went, and I'll post it up.

You can access the tour page here or from the menus on the left...

(thanks Jared Boyer)

Posted by Afra ( 23 )

June 23 1999 

If you went to the Peoria, IL show (the cancelled one), you should be able to get refunds or a new ticket (they are coming again).

Also, KRXQ 98 Rock in Sacramento, CA have announced that Ministry are playing there on Saturday August 14th. Other acts to be there: Megadeth, Sevendust, Static X and maybe Slayer and Rob Zombie.

In addition to that date, Ministry are going to be in Cleveland, OH on August 2nd at the Nautica (outdoors).

(thanks Don Allcorn)

Posted by Afra ( 24 )

Lyrics / MP3 and more
June 21 1999 


Well, it looks like the lyrics to the album are more or less done. I still have to go over some of them again (and again, and again) but you can check them out here.


I was sent this mp3 from a person (who wishes to remain anonymous). It's a short clip of Thieves live. The recording comes from Ministry's show in Grand Rapids, MI at the Orbit Room. (June 17th '99)

This will be up for a limited time only. The mp3 is a zipped file and can be downloaded from here.


You thought the pictures of the woman on the Dark Side Of The Spoon was weird? Check out the pictures of the Bad Blood Single....

Here is the front cover and here is the actual CD face.


The reason why the ministry show was cancelled on June 18th at Peoria, IL was sent to me by the journalist (Mike Meyer) who wrote it. You can read it...

Mike Meyer writes:

Now, keep in mind that this is the official story. I heard lots of different things that night, such as Al was really strung out or they were just really pissed about having had an opening act booked, but I actually tend to believe the illness story, since it had gotten back to Chicago when I called the Vic the next morning (with a mighty hangover, believe you me). I'm not sure whether or not that show actually happened.

I got most of the biographical info from the FAQ on your site, so
thanks for the help!

Posted by Afra ( 25 )

June 19 1999 


I have updated the lyrics to the Dark Side Of The Spoon. They are better now, and Step was a hard one! (still working on Vex & Siolence and others...)


The show in Peoria, IL was cancelled. The only problem was that it was cancelled during the actual concert (after the opening band played).

After an extended wait of 1 1/2 hours, Ministry decided they weren't gonna play, and didn't come out on stage at all. The police showed up, and damage was done to the building; a few people were arrested. Everyone was given another ticket upon leaving the building, however.


Promos to the Ministry Tribute CD, Wish You Were Queer (Invisible Records) are now circulating.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Meg Lee Chin - Scarecrow
2. Pig - Just Like You
3. TRS 80 - Everyday is Halloween
4. Here - Lay Lady Lay
5. Hate Dept. - Effigy
6. Julian Beeston - The Angel (Shinning mix)
7. The Hardcore Cadaverdog Sexslaves (featuring Curse Mackay & Groovy Man) - Tonight We Murder
8. Eco-Hed - The Isle Of Man
9. Death Ride 69 - Burning Inside (Drum Fetish Megamix)
10. Meathead - Say You're Sorry
11. Trust Obey vs. Paved In Skin - Revenge
12. Not Breathing - Crash and Burn


I have added some more US tour dates over on the tour page.


The following news comes from Al Jourgensen himself:

Goldflesh have cancelled their US tour, so they are not opening up for Ministry on the current tour. Al said that when they come back to the US (after the European Tour), they hope that Fear Factory will join them.

Also, some Buck Satan & The 666 Shooters material will be released next year sometime - an album!


I have the B-Side "Happy Dust" which appears on the Bad Blood single, and wow... It's a good song, however, it's sorta hard to believe it's ministry. It is a good eerie, instrumental track, and is very country-sounding.


P. Colyette has posted a review. He wrote the review himself. Check it out at the Dark Side Of The Spoon reviews page.

(Thanks to Ulf and Mike Seneca)

Posted by Afra ( 26 )

June 18 1999 


Ulf Kristensson has got the Bad Blood single. The CD Single contains:

1. Bad Blood (LP Version)
2. Happy Dust (kinda country / indian drums / instrumental song)
3. Bad Blood (Edit - 1 minute shorter than the LP)


Peter McMeen was cool enough to send me a set list from the Columbus show:

Supermanic Soul
Psalm 69
Filth Pig
Whip or Chain
Just One Fix
So What
Jesus Built My Hotrod


Denise McDowall has some good news! Ministry are playing a "warm up" gig at the London Astoria on the 8th of July!

I noticed that Ministry are scheduled to play in France at that date too. Weird...

Tickets have been sold to the London show, so I presume Ministry cannot play both dates in one night.

The France show is probably cancelled.

Posted by Afra ( 27 )

June 17 1999 

I was emailed two different reviews of a Ministry concert in Columbus.
The first comes from Satan Natas:

Doors, posted as 7, were opened @ 8:30; of course, having to run everyone through a security check, the band didn't come on until 10:30, they were allowed to play until 11:30 and then had to get off the stage. They played mostly psalm 69 era tunes, and only 2 songs from the new album (if that's what you could call it). All in all, a waste of $17.

And another from Tony:

They opened up with supermatic soul, and then played some songs off of Filth Pig(not in order: reload, filth pig, crumbs, and maybe dead guy). They then played two more songs off of their new album. They also fired up the place with N.W.O., just one fix and psalm69 off of Psalm69. they also played theives and breathe from TMIATTTT. It was fucking awesome. They also came back out and played one enchor song: Jesus built my hotrod. The place fucking erupted when they did that. I can tell you right now, that I am not going to be able to move most of my body tomorrow without some sort of pain or stiffness.

Too bad they only have 4 US dates. More fans definitely need to get out and see em.

Just to add that Ministry are gonna be in the US to tour after their European concerts.

Posted by Afra ( 28 )

More Stuff
June 16 1999 


I am sorry that I haven't updated the page in a while: I have just got a new job as a Sun OS and Linux Sys. Admin.. Anyways, I have lots of news...


Adam tells me that Dark Side Of The Spoon reached on the 92 spot (out of 200) on the Billboard charts.


Walmart (an American store) has banned the new Ministry album from their shelves. They didn't like the artwork. (Go figure!)


I have updated the reviews section. It now includes reviews of the new album. I need more fan reviews!!!

Talking of reviews, the critics haven't given the new album good ones...from the famous words:

Bad Critics judge a piece of art based on pre-existing theories. They always go wrong when confronted by a masterpiece because a masterpiece makes its own rules.


Lyrics are gonna soon be completed from the new album. I have a few lines that haven't been put up yet. But do keep checking the page.


I got an email from the people over at 013 PopCentre in the Netherlands, and they told me that Ministry are playing there on July the 6th instead of France.


Beware, this page is soon going to change - I am planning to make it neater and easier to navigate. New graphics for the page are soon gonna be put up too...

Posted by Afra ( 29 )

Album Release
June 8 1999 


The album Dark Side Of The Spoon is finally released in the U.S..

Lyrics are not included with the CD, but includes pictures of both Al and Paul, as well as shots of a woman.

The CD tracks 10-68 are blank tracks. Track 69 is "Linda Summertime" recorded over the phone (or something).

The tracklisting:

1. Supermanic Soul (3:13)
2. Whip and Chain (4:23)
3. Bad Blood (4:59)
4. Eureka Pile (6:23)
5. Step (4:07)
6. Nursing Home (7:00)
7. Kaif (5:26)
8. Vex & Siolence
9. 10 / 10 (5:24)
69. Linda Summertime


Another webpage has hit the web, and is official. It's at www.darkspoon.com and looks just like the official webpage of theirs at WBR.


Anyone got reviews of the new album..send them over to me.


The mp3's from the album that I put down a long time ago have been pulled down...No comment.

Talking of MP3's, the MP3s were labelled wrong:

"Vex & Siolence" is "10/10"
"Hang" is "Vex & Siolence"

(there is no "Hang" on the final album)

Posted by Afra ( 30 )

More Releases
June 4 1999 


Inivisible Records are releasing a Ministry Tribute Album titled A Tribute To Ministry: Wish You Were Queer on June the 29th. Listed below is the tracklisting:

Isle Of Man - Echohead
Tonight We Murder - Curse Mackey & Groovy Man
Stigmata - Subgenius
Burning Inside - Death Ride 69
Just Like You - Pig
She's Got A Cause - Jared & Alien Sound
Angel - Julian Beeston
Lay Lady Lay - Phylr
Work For Love - En Esch
Effigy (I'm Not An) - Hate Dept
Revenge - Trust Obey
Scarecrow - Meg Lee Chin
Crash And Burn - Not Breathing
Say You're Sorry - Meathead

This reminds me of another tribute compilation that was supposed to be put out on Fifth Column Records about two years ago. What was interesting about that particular one was that different bands were going to cover songs from the With Sympathy album. It was never put out though...


Ministry's track Eureka Pile is to be included on the Universal Soldier: The Return soundtrack. The soundtrack comes out on July 13th (Trauma Records) and promises to be a thrashy metal album, featuring the likes of Megadeth, Anthrax, Fear Factory, etc... The movie is out on September 3rd in the U.S.


The Revolting Cocks' song Physical, which is a cover of Olivia Newton-John's hit has had the go-ahead for a release! The song was originally banned due to copyright restrictions as Newton-John did not want it to be rele ased.

Alternative Press are releasing an album titled Alternative Press Presents: Industrial Strength Machine Music, The Framework of Industrial Rock 1978-1995 on September 14th through Rhino Records.

Other songs on the album come from NIN (live version of "Gave Up") Coil's "Panic", Skinny Puppy's "Dig it", Throbbing Gristle's "Hamburger Lady". Ministry's Stigmata is also on the album.

(cough, cough) you can get the unreleased version of the same song on my mp3 page (cough cough).

(kudos to mark weddle)

Posted by Afra ( 31 )