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Sad News
April 23 1999 

I would like to pass on my sorrows to the community in Littleton, Colorado for what happened recently. I feel that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, both acted in a very brutul and immoral manner.

The reason I mention this incident, is because of the blame the media have put on the music that both boys listened to. The way I see it is that if a person kills or injures other people because of a film, a video game or several CDs, there is something wrong with that person and NOT the movies or artists involved.

The boys' actions will leave this community in shock for the rest of their lives, especially the parents of both the victims and boys.

Posted by Afra ( 8 )

Tour Dates
April 20 1999 

I have just recieved note that Ministry have been scheduled for a concert at the Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH on June 16th. Tickets are US $17.00 - go to ticketmaster.com and buy 'em if you live in the area.

About the Big Day Out festival in Milton Keynes, England: it's on Sat. 10th July. It's not sure if Marilyn Manson are gonna still play (oh, what a shame!) (Thank you, Andrew and Denise)

I doubt they will come to Buffalo, New York (where I reside), but they may definantly go to Toronto, CA in which case I am going... Anyone else going?

Talking of concerts, anyone going to the FLA show in Toronto on May 6th? I'm there, although I need to still buy the tickets...

Posted by Afra ( 9 )

Ministry In England
April 18 1999 

Andrew Reed sent this email to me:

Ministry are playing as part of a gig and not just an opening for Metallica...its called the Big Day Out.

Marilyn Manson's playing as well as Monster Magnet. It's also at Milton Keynes.

(this was also reported in an article by UK's NME - it's gonna be over summer).

I will go there as I always do for summer, so if any of you are going, email me..

Posted by Afra ( 10 )