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May 30 1999 

Sorry I haven't updated recently. Lots of stuff came up to keep me from updating, but here it is..enjoy!


First article is the allstar report. Another interview is with Paul Barker and you can read it here.


Ministry are going to come back to the US for a full tour after they hit Europe. This is not confirmed yet, but Goldflesh may open up for Ministry - they have done tours together before.


Thanks to Corey, we know have better lyrics to Filth Pig (much better). So go check 'em out! Lyrics to Revco are also gonna be put up real soon...

(thanks to mark weddle and dave)

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Magazine Article / Pictures
May 26 1999 


As mentioned below May 24th there was an article in the magazine Outburn (pic above).

I have scanned a few pics from there, so check out the one of Al.

You can read more about the article here.

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Single / Pictures / FAQ
May 25 1999 


Pierre Knutson tells me that the Bad Blood single is out in Sweden. It was seen in a store called Boxman. Boxman also expect Darkside of the spoon on the 4th of June.


I found some more Ministry pictures, so please be patient and I'll scan them in from work tommorow.


Some updates will be done to the current FAQ (which is version 3.0 right now). I will note it here when I have done so.

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Interview / Page Updates
May 24 1999 


I am making the lyrics page of the upcoming album public. You can see it here. Please remember, that these are changing ALL the time, so do check back every now and again.


Ministry are featured in the magazine Outburn. It's an interesting interview with Paul Barker (5 pages!) and I have typed up some of it here.

Paul Barker at one point states:
I was disappointed in the way that Filth Pig was recieved, but I'm nobody's mother so I can't tell people what to do. I hope that people listened to it...all I can really say is that our fans listened to it and made a decision.

I will post some pictures from the interview tommorow.


I have updated the Ministry Pictures Page - with pictures of the band and sideprojects.


Chris Connelly will be releasing an album with The Bells soon...


Promos for the Darkside of the Spoon are in circulation in different formats:

A promo CD (the one I have - pictures of which are up around this site)
A promo single for Bad Blood
A Three Track Sampler
Some sort of vinyl deal


Lard will soon be releasing a three track EP, as soon as Jello records his vocals.


It seems as if Land of Rape And Honey is kicking ass so far in the voting by all you people with 111 votes.

(thanks, Dan McCullough)

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Lyrics / CD Image / Release Date
May 21 1999 

A full detailed report on William Tucker's unfortunate death can be read at allstar.

The artwork for the CD is now here.
Interesting image, and you probably already saw it on the main page and the Dark Side Of The Spoon page.


Having worked through most of the new album, I have come up with my best shots at the lyrics. I don't even know if lyrics are to be included.

I am not going to put them up for another couple of days, but you can see my shot at Bad Blood but I urge people not to steal them and post them up elsewhere, or steal 'em, change 'em and then post it up.

They weren't easy at all!! The completed songs are Bad Blood, Supermanic Soul, Whip And Chain, Step and Kaif. (Vex & Siolence is an instrumental)

Nikolaj HTP tells me that in Denmark, the new Ministry album is scheduled for release on June 7th

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Interesting Stuff
May 17 1999 

There's a very interesting article in the new Pulse (Tower Records mag) about Dark Side Of the Spoon and also an interview with Al and Paul. Read more on the article...(hats off to Ameer S.)

I got an email from Jason Freshwater whom I think is a very dedicated fan! He has a tattoo on his right calf dedicated to Ministry, which you can check out here. (There is also a blown up version.)

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May 17 1999 

I am sad to say that William Tucker has passed away a few days ago.

William Tucker worked as a guitarist/programmer with the likes of Ministry, Revco, Pigface, Chris Connelly, Foetus, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Thanatos and others...

He will be sadly missed.

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More Stuff
May 16 1999 

I have put up a small page relating to the new album which includes scans of an advance copy. Anything that will get posted there, will also get posted here..
(Thanks, John Crawford)

Regarding the Ministry Tribute Album (Invisible Records), Pig also gonna be on it and a possible Chemlab reunion may happen for the album! It sounds interesting...

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Ministry Tribute Album / Tour
May 14 1999 

Ministry Tribute Album

It seems as though Invisible Records (you know, Ritalin, Pigface, DVOA, etc..) are gonna soon release a Ministry Tribute Album.

So far, PIG is covering the track Just Like You (from Twitch), but at the moment, nothing more can be said. No release date as of yet...This may or may not be in the near future.

Sold Out Shows

I have just put up one more US date over on the tour page. It's for Peoria, IL on the 18th of June.

Ministry are going to be playing European festivals through late June, but they are coming back to the US for a tour in late July - early August!

Also, the Ministry show at the Vic Theater (Chicago, IL) sold out in a couple of hours!! So if you have tickets, consider yourself lucky. Very lucky.

Thanks to Ameer S.

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May 6 1999 

Ministry are NOT playing The Arvika Festival in Sweden. I recieved an email from the spokeperson and he stated that Ministry pulled out because they can't travel from Madrid to Arvika in one day.

Also, I still get emails about this, and I have stated this before, but Ministry are not going to be on this year's OzzFest.

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Tour Dates (finally)
May 4 1999 

Sorry for not updating recently - I couldn't..I recently moved to downtown Buffalo and things have been hectic..

There is now a tour dates page which you can look at. There doesn't seem to be that many US dates listed, but I am sure something is being worked out..

Talking of tour dates, I recently saw The Jim Rose Circus Sideshow past Sunday and it was a good entertaining show - check it out.

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