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Page Updates / Chart / Import Album / Lyrics
July 23 1999 


tour page updated.
wish you were queer (tribute cd) page updated - more information.
show reviews updated - reviews sent by you guys.


In the Internet Albums Top 100 a new entry was made by the following title: Title: Ministry - Dark Side of the Spoon. Well, almost. It is now a Runner Up, at #9

(This chart is not compiled from sales, but from personal votes submitted by fans. We think this is something that might please you, and that's why we're sending this message.)

(Thank you Jurgen Appelo)


From CDNOW, there seems to be an import version of Dark Side Of The Spoon. It's from Austrailia and contains 2 exclusive bonus tracks that are not on the US Version. These could be Linda Summertime (and probably are) which appear as track 69 on the US Version.


Please be patient. I am recieving all your changes/suggestions, but I have been too busy to get to them. I am keeping them all and one day I will sit down and look through 'em. Thanks..

Posted by Afra ( 32 )

New Stuff
July 13 1999 


I am sorry I haven't updated recently, but I have stuff to keep you happy.


Dedicated to the Ministry Tribute Album Wish You Were Queer (Inivisble Records) I have created a page, which you can see here.

The page contains some mp3 samples (CD Quality) as well as other information.

Reviews anyone? Overall, I think it's a good album (better than the Skinny Puppy covers album!)

Posted by Afra ( 33 )

Tour / Page Updates
July 6 1999 


Many more US dates were added to the list of tour dates here.


A new page has been created that includes reviews of live shows that people went to on the recent tour. The page is here. I would be more than happy to put your review up there too...

Don't forget, there is also the Dark Side Of The Spoon album reviews page.

I have also redesigned the videos page, to make it look better.

Also, expect some more mp3s - including some B-sides from the Bad Blood single!

Posted by Afra ( 34 )

July 1 1999 

I would like to thank everyone who has sent me suggestions for lyrics to the songs from the new album.

I appreciate it, and I have been busy, but soon enough, I will sit down and listen through all suggestions.

Posted by Afra ( 35 )