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Emails / Interviews
December 26 1999 

Luc Van Acker Email

Luc Van Acker writes me with more information about Revolting Cocks and his new album (coming out next year). His previous email to is posted on December 12 1999 on the news pages:

I saw Al & Paul in Tilburg and Dour this summer.
They did not have any immediat plans for
a Revolting Cocks album and were going to be on tour
in the US till the end of the year but might do
another Europe tour in November...
Did the US tour happen? I did not find out
about the Euro tour ...
So I have no idea what they are doing...
I have not been to the US for a long time
maybe with my new album out next year...
Thanks again for your help
and keep up the good work


It seems that Lorri Jackson's sister, doesn't really know what happened the night of the death. She acknowledges that Al J. did not do any wrong doing:

My name is LeAnn, and I was Lorri Jackson's sister, for the past ten years I have heard Al Jourgensons name and ministry come up in several conversation involving my sister. I can honestly say I had never heard of him prior to this. I found your web site recently, in which you write (Q: Who is Lorri Jackson and did Al kill her?) That's is a question I would like to know too, obviously I know Al didn't kill her, drugs did that, but there has never been a factual account of what actually happened that night.

Comical Interview With A.J.

Thanks to Ulf Kristensson for sending me this scan of an old interview from Kerrang! Magazine. It's a comical Q&A Session with Al Jourgensen, but is definantly a good read. The picture is quite big... Anyways, here is the article.

Rieflin Album Review

There is a page about Rieflin's album, which can be read here.

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Luc Van Acker / Rieflin Album
December 12 1999 

Luc Van Acker

Luc Van Acker (Front 242, Revco), sent me some information through email about what he is up to. He writes about the Richard 23 incident with Revolting Cocks:

"very nice page! There's a few mistakes like
the disput with Richard 23 was not about
Stainles but You often forget. And was more
about R23 feeling unconfortable because
there was no CONCEPT.

I'm running a new label "Les Enfants
Terribles" from Brussels Belgium and
working on a new album."

Bill Rieflin Solo Album

The album has been out for a while.
There is a page up about it, which includes the picture of the CD.

Rieflin also did work recently on Nine Inch Nails' latest offering The Fragile on the track "La Mer".

Ministry on Soundtrack

Ministry's Jesus Build My Hotrod is to be on the soundtrack to a game which I posted about on December 06.

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Too Much
December 6 1999 

Compilation Reminder

I have mentioned this before the CD was even put out, but just in case....

A compilation CD was put out a few months back titled "Alternative Press Presents: Industrial Strength Machine Music 1979-1995" (Rhino Records). It features Revco's original to Physical (Let's Get). The lyrics for that original songs are here.

Sports CD Compilation

Also, I have seen ads on TV for some sort of CD Compilation geared towards snowboarders and bikers. Amongst the artists that were listed, Ministry was mentioned. I doubt the CD contains a new song, but if anyone has any details on this, please email us.

Flashback Promo Video

Norman Narvaja sent me the following:

here is a video for "Flashback" in existence. I have it on a promotional video I received in 1996 during a local promotion for Ministry's 1996 Filth Pig tour. The video had NWO, Jesus..., Flashback, Burning Inside, and Rape & Honey. R&H however was cut from the In Case... video.

Coming Soon..

In a few days, this page will contain a Wanted Section where you can try to find vinyls, deleted CDs that people have and buy/trade off them.

Again, if you are a trader or seller of Ministry merchandise, go to The Trading Post.

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