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Mailing List
November 28 1999 

The mailing list has been setup on our machines, so it's now faster and better. Read the mailing list page for more information...

Posted by Afra ( 38 )

Tribute / Thank You's
November 27 1999 

Tribute Album

The tribute album, Another Prick In The Wall is going to be released on December 7th 1999.


Well, we hit the 100,000+ visitor mark. Thanks to everyone for the emails and support. We really apprecitate it.. Also, cheers for the guestbook entries! Keep them coming!

Posted by Afra ( 39 )

Read On...
November 1 1999 

Well, I'm back...I am sorry for not updating the site for a long time, but I was busy programming stuff for kanoodle.com. It's a really cool site - if your band has some mp3s we will host them and you will get your own web page.

Hopefully you will have noticed that we have changed this ministry site and we hope you like the new look.

Thank you all very much for the supportive emails, and I am sorry I haven't gotten back to you (yet). I will get to them all.

My new email address is afra@prongs.org - you can always fill out the contact forms...

Anyways, the news:


Due out on November 23rd is the second volume to the Ministry Tribute Album. (haven't seen the first? - check it out here.)

The tracklisting:

Land Of Rape And Honey, The - Electric Hellfire Club
She's Got A Cause - Jared Louche & The Aliens
So What - Terminal 46
Just One Fix - Heavy Water Factory
Jesus Built My Hotrod - Moscow Machine Gun
Deity - Deist Requiem
Thieves - Resident Phase Shifter
Work For Love - En Esch
You Know What You Are - Sons Of Midnight
Cannibal Song - Attrition
Just One Fix - Meg Lee Chin (bonus track)

It will be titled Another Prick In The Wall and will be released by Invisible Records.


Al Jourgensen turned 40 on 7th October. Chris Connelly turned 35 on November 11th. (Happy B-day, guys).


A home video is in the makes and will be released soon. This was a rumour on their recent tour...It will be comprimised of promo-videos and will be released by Warner Bros..

Posted by Afra ( 40 )