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February 18 1999 

finally have time to update this page (somewhat).

The graphics is getting there and soon everything will be done.... Again, Jared Boyer is the graphics wizard and he's doing an awesome job.

James (aka Jarasim) was cool enough to sit down and listen to the banned version of Physical (You're So) by Revco and figure out the lyrics which you can get here. [The song was not released].

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February 4 1999 

The upcoming Ministry album has been pushed back (again) to June 8th
due to conflicting dates with Warner Bros., their record label..

MP3s from the upcoming album are below 11th & 12th January 1999.

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Page looks better?
February 1 1999 

The page looks different thanks to Jared Boyer, an awesome graphics artist.
Over the next few days, this page will be changing as far as looks are concerned...

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