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Cattle Grind
June 29 2004 

The new song is up on the sound page. It's the studio version of the Revolting Cocks track Cattle Grind. Until now, this song has only been available as a live version on the You God Damned Son Of A Bitch album. Enjoy.

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Houses of The Molé Released
June 22 2004 

Today is the official release date for Ministry's Houses of The Molé.

There is a tour coming up, though no details are currently known.

Official lyrics are up on our Houses of The Molé page. (Text Version).

Please do submit any articles, interviews and news that you may find online so we can link it up here.

Ministry/Skinny Puppy Tour?!

As we all know (or should know), Skinny Puppy is currently on tour. However, according to this article, Ministry may join Skinny Puppy in a tour starting Labor Day.

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New Song Download
June 18 2004 

Now up on the sound page is a new song. This one is Do You Even Like It, which is an unreleased song from 1984, written during the post-Arista, pre-Sire days. Sorry for the quality on this one, but this is by far the best version to have surfaced so far.

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Ministry Official Release Party
June 14 2004 

For those in and around Chicago, IL:

I will be there and hope to see any of you there - do stop by and say hi. If you have any questions about this event please email away.

This event is brought to you by MK Magazine, ministrymusic.org and Neo.

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Reviews and Interviews
June 6 2004 

A bunch of reviews of the upcoming album and interviews for your reading pleasure (in no particular order):



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Interesting Stuff...
June 4 2004 

Not really news, however, some interesting stuff.

Trent Reznor over at nin.com, answers random questions submitted by people over on the access page. A question was asked about the "vocal style" used on Get Down Make Love and Supernaut. Trent's reponse is here. For the lazy, Reznor replies "al jourgensen produced GDML and Supernaut. no plans on working with him at the present.".

Also, Al Jourgensen, in the recent Side Line Magazine interview, is asked:

Q: What "Geography" was for Front 242, "Twitch" was for Ministry, what are your feelings towards that first release that has been re-released now?

AJ: That was then, this is now. I never authorized the re-release of Twitch and was not involved in that in any way. But that's another long story. I have a WALL full of tapes from the early years we now own. In my "leisure time", I'm reviewing them. Hopefully I will be able to dig up some golden nuggets for a back catalog release. I really was in a haze back then, so it's hard for me to remember what's there but I'm sure there will be some useful and interesting stuff. We're in discussions with a label right now regarding a release of the back catalog. Unlike the re-release of "Twitch", I will be fully involved in this project, and it will be fully authentic.

Finally, as slacklove asks, "I was watching VH1 metal moments show... and on "Moment 51" they talked about the "plaster caster" chick. (woman who has made paster castings of rock and roll guys's cocks.) And, I could have sworn the Paul Barker was sitting next to her in one of the interviews". Indeed it was Paul Barker and as MajNarx pointed out, still pictures of this video interview can be seen here. You'll also see Chris Connelly and Biafra pics on there.

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Site Updates
June 1 2004 

There have been a number of updates made to various sections of the site over the past couple weeks. Several tour dates from the early years and most of the Revco tours have been added to the tour page. Lyrics for several songs have undergone corrections, and some songs (such as Get Down, which was inexplicably missing) have been added. About 20 new interviews have been added to the interviews page. These include an interview from the Sept 1982 issue of Illions Entertainer (thanks dicecrusher), a transcript of the Reflex 1990 article (thanks tenohtwo), and quite a few articles from RIP and other mid-90s magazines (thanks M. Hall). Enjoy!

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