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Song from the new tour
October 30 2004 

The new song is up on the sound page. This time, it's a live version of Wrong from the current tour - a bit of an election dedication. Enjoy!

The updated current tour list is available from the Tour page.

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Ministry Remastered Releases
October 15 2004 

In case you don't know, Al Jourgensen has released old Ministry and Revco tracks which you can read about at the remastered page.

There is also a "sampler CD" that was put out by Rykodisc which includes a few tracks from the Ministry, Revco and TKK releases. The CD scan and tracklisting can be seen here. Fish scanned the images - he also got the CD signed by Biafra at the Ministry show in Chicago last week.

torturedsoul has written an honest review on each release, which you can read here.

No Bunny (Live Boston '88) is now up thanks to Bisquitodoom.

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Blackouts Release
October 12 2004 

k records will be releasing a new album from The Blackouts on November 2 2004, titled "History In Reverse". This compilation consists of studio recordings the band has done, starting with the latest and descending by date, as the title suggests. The first 3 tracks on the CD are previously unreleased and all tracks on the release are remastered. This release will be pressed on CD and vinyl formats.

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Ministry/Revco Re-Releases
October 11 2004 

The Tower Records at Chicago, IL are currently selling the Ministry and Revolting Cocks re-releases. People attended the Ministry In-Store Meet & Greet, yesterday, where members of Ministry signed these releases for people.

To view all these releases and their cover art, and full tracklisting, check out the new remastered releases section on this site.

Chicago Show

Members from this site and I attended the Chicago, IL show yesterday, where Jello Biafra came out to perform War Pimp Renaissance, I Wanna Be a Drug-Sniffing Dog and Forkboy with Ministry. Here are some pictures we took while backstage:

Jello Biafra and I

John (jhyplxa), Al J., Jello Biafra and Fish

Myself, Jello Biafra and Al J.
John (jhyplxa), Riley, Fish, Mike Scaccia

Many more pictures we took backstage can be seen over at the Ministry Backstage pictures section on the official site.

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Revco Remastered Releases
October 2 2004 

Rykodisc is not only putting out Early Trax and Side Trax (reported Sep. 21 '04), but are also putting out three remastered Revolting Cocks releases, which are all coming out on October 12th 2004:

The CDs include some bonus mixes....

Song of The Week

Don't forget, the Song of the Week is Abortive (Live '87). Grab it if you haven't already...

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