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New Song
September 27 2004 

Before recording The Land Of Rape And Honey, Al and Paul blew the advance they received from Sire. They still had to record an album, so they did a mini-tour in 1987. The album was still tentatively called Stigmata and several of the new songs were done somewhat differently. Up for download on the sound page is a live version of Abortive from this tour. They used it as the closing song, and Luc Van Acker did vocals over it. Good luck making out the words.

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Site changes
September 22 2004 

The site backend code has been rewritten from mod_perl to HTML::Mason. This shouldn't affect anything (it should be faster now) but if there are problems, please email us.

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Upcoming Ministry Releases
September 21 2004 

There seems to be two upcoming Ministry releases which features back catalog material. The releases are Early Trax (Ministry unreleased/rare material) and Side Trax (unreleased/rare sideproject material). Side Trax will include "Show Me Your Spine" (finally!).

Both releases are coming out on Rykodisc USA on October 12 2004.

Amazon.com and Tower Records have these items already listed.

(Thanks to James Lewthwaite for providing information of these listings on towerrecords.com and amazon.com).

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Bloodlines Lyrics
September 20 2004 

Lyrics to Bloodlines, the new Ministry track featured on the video game Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines soundtrack are up and can be read here. There are no blanks to the lyrics of this song and it seems to be complete.

Also, the lyrics to What About Us? has had many blanks filled in thanks to Ty Coon who provided them herself.

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Tour News
September 17 2004 

Jello Biafra will be joining Ministry on stage performing Lard songs in LA (only on September 24th), San Fransisco, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver.

Also, Bryan Keho, who joined Ministry as the tour guitarist on May 11th 2004, has been replaced by Rick "Tricky" Valles, from "Pissing Razors". Keho left the tour on his own will around August 12th 2004. As reported yesterday, Eddy Garcia, also from "Pissing Razors", has replaced bass player John Monte.

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Ministry Replace Monte
September 16 2004 

Ministry's bass player, John Monte was recently replaced by Eddy Garcia (from the group "Pissing Razors"). Garcia is currently playing with them on tour, as is Rick "Tricky" Valles, also from "Pissing Razors".

The reason for Monte's departure was because of his drug habit.

New Song Download

Now up for download on the sound page is a live version of Whip Or Chain from the 1999 tour. This was the tour where the band rarely did anything from the (at that time) new album. This was one of the rare exceptions.

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Search Feature
September 15 2004 

After years of not having one, it's finally here. With all the extensive information on this site (which is growing on a daily basis with many sections being worked on), I've put up a powerful search engine.

It's still in "beta", but you can search from the search page. Searching the news archives is also finally here, which you can do at the top of this page. If you guys notice any bugs, please email us. Thanks.

In other updates to the site, the tour page is being worked on as well as the FAQ which will have it's first update in years.

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