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Interesting Quote from Front 242
May 25 2004 

Below is a snippet from an interview with the current members of Front 242 which is interesting. It's from the latest Side Line issue (#47) which you can purchase from them directly:

Q: What was it like opening for Ministry on your first trip to the States?

Jean-Luc: They were big stars. At the time they were still doing this sort of Pop-style ("With Sympathy"). I know that when Alain Jourgensen saw us play he said "I want to make music like that" and then he totally changed his songs. Much more aggressive. And basically he fired all the guys he worked with before, and started new.

But even as a Pop band they were really great. They were not just the average Pop band. They were more than that. They were big. And they did an encore, a song by Fad Gadget - it was a great cover. It was quite impressive and quite unlike the rest. It was quite impressive and quite unlike the rest. It was much more uptempo and aggressive and I thought "Yeah, great - this is what they are going to do in the future".

But I didn't know that Alain was going to change that much. I think he was quite good at what he was doing at the time. From what I saw, from the outside, the people he had around him, they seemed to be quite a nice bunch of guys, and working quite well together. So I thought , "these people, maybe they are going to be working together for ten years.".

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May 16 2004 

The new MP3 available for download is Supernaut, with Trent Reznor on vocals, and performed by Revco in '90.

Download it over at the sound page....

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New Song Download
May 14 2004 

Another Song of the week update. Currently up is a live version of Get Down from the 1990 Revolting Cocks tour. This version has Chris Connelly on vocals. It's very long, so it probably won't be up for long. Grab it while you can at the sound page.

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Houses of The Molé Tracklisting
May 7 2004 

The following is the official tracklisting for Ministry's upcoming album, Houses of The Molé, which is scheduled for release on June 22nd 2004:

1. No "W"
2. Waiting
3. Worthless
4. Wrong
5. Warp City
6. WTV
7. World
9. Worm
10. Psalm 23 (Bonus Track)
11. Walrus (Bonus Track)


An interesting mini-interview and article on Al can be read over on MTV news pages.

Al discusses Paul leaving as well as some details on the upcoming album and what he personally feels about G.W. Bush.

Al also discusses how he is doing his part for the upcoming US elections.

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Houses of The Molé Update
May 3 2004 

Primus/Claypool fans will be happy: Ministry have enlisted guitarist Bryan Kehoe (Les Claypool's Frog Brigade) for their summer tour in support of the new disc.

A lyrics/information page has been started for Houses Of The Molé, which is coming out on June 22nd 2004.

The page features the album cover and can be seen here. Watch that page closely for updates as we get more information in...

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Opening Band
May 1 2004 

According to the News Page on Darryl James' band Pound Of Flesh's site, Pound Of Flesh will be opening for Ministry on the upcoming tour in the Chicago area. Darryl James was the live keyboardist on the Ministry Fornica 2003 tour.

Speaking of Ministry and Chicago...Over on the sound page, you can download Ministry's live cover of Fad Gadget's Ricky's Hand recorded live in Chicago 1986. This song was done regularly throughout the 1984 and 1986 tours, but never made it to release.

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