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New Song Download
April 27 2004 

The new song is up on the sound page. This song is a live cover of Fad Gadget's Ricky's Hand recorded live in Chicago 1986. This song was done regularly throughout the 1984 and 1986 tours, but never made it to release.

Posted by Bisquitodoom ( 263 )

New Ministry Track
April 16 2004 

An alternate version of the Ministry track, No W, which will also be the first track on the upcoming Houses of the Molé was just released for the first time on the Rock Against Bush Vol I compilation CD, which one can purchase here, for $6.00.

Official lyrics for No W can be read here.

Posted by Afra ( 262 )

Upcoming Accoustic Gig
April 9 2004 

According to Side-Line, Al and company have been invited to play the upcoming Gram Parsons tribute concert on July 9 and 10. The plan is appearantly an accoustic set of Gram Parsons covers.

Posted by Bisquitodoom ( 261 )

Artwork / Track Download / Revco
April 5 2004 

Album Release Date

The release date for Ministry's Houses of the Molé is June 22nd 2004, through Sanctuary Records.


Notice the awesome Ministry banner on all the pages? They are here thanks to Zachary Cain, an old friend of mine, from Buffalo, NY. You can visit Zak's page here.

Thank you, Zak...

Song Download

A new song is up for download at the songs page. The track is the demo to Revenge. The track comes courtesy of Bisquitodoom.


Revco are back in the studio - you can see new pictures here. The album name right now seems to be Purple Head (a take on Hendrix's Purple Haze).

Side Line Interview

There has been an interview with Al Jourgensen, conducted by Side Line Magazine. The whole interview isn't up - you'll have to purchase the magazine to read it all but they did post up parts of it.

For those without an account at Side Line, Skarecrow has posted it on the boards here.

Posted by Afra ( 260 )