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Ministry on new compilation
March 25 2004 

Looks like there's a new compilation of anti-Bush songs due out on April 20. Included is the as-yet unreleased Ministry song No W. So it looks like everyone will be getting a taste of the new album early. The tracklist and more info are available here.

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New Song Download
March 22 2004 

The new song of the week is up on the a sound page. This one is for those of you who enjoy when things don't turn out as planned. It's a live version of Jesus Built My Hotrod from the European leg of the Dark Side Of The Spoon tour. Al loses his voice during the previous song, but they do Jesus Built My Hotrod anyway. To his credit, you can hear him trying several times during the song, but it just wasn't going to happen. Even instrumental, it turned out to be a great performance of the song, and gives it somewhat of a different feel.

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Mark Pothier Interview
March 12 2004 

I just completed another exclusive interview done with a Ministry member from ages past. This interview is with Mark Pothier, keyboardist with Ministry during the With Sympathy days. You can view it here.

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Revolting Pussy Interview
March 5 2004 

You may read an interview with the Revolting Pussy, Kim Assaley. She talks of her work involved with them quite a bit. Thanks to SoylentDan for pointing this out.

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So What
March 4 2004 

As a special treat, and as a break for those of you not as up on the synthy stuff, the new song is the live version of So What from the 2003 Chicago show. Guest vocals on this one by Chris Connelly. It's up on the sound page. Thanks to Darkman for the excellent recording and thanks to MajNarx for hooking me up on this one.

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