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And Along The Same Lines...
September 16 2003 

A while back, I mentioned the worst Ministry review I'd ever read. Well here it is. I've had trouble deciding if my favorite part is the Trent Reznor comment or the way she seems to almost change her own mind for a bit in the last two paragraphs by mentioning several past releases she doesn't seem to have heard.

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Cleopatra Records' New Online Rival
September 15 2003 

Those of you amused by the recent Ministry history posted on the message board can find it here. There are a few inaccuracies to say the least. The high point is the discography posted below the history. As far as I can tell, the chart positions are correct, so you can see how past releases stacked up on the charts.

Also of amusement is the history of Front 242. It's almost like these histories were written by someone who heard the stories 5th hand a year ago or so.

Thanks to Revco for the info.

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Upodated song
September 11 2003 

Up for download on the sound page is a demo version of Attack Ships On Fire. This is from a practice session for the Twitch tour (probably late 1985 or early 1986). This is the only version of this song with Al on vocals, as Luc Van Acker did vox on all album versions and live versions from the 86, 87, and occasionally the 88 tours. Other personel involved are Paul Barker on bass and Roland Barker on sax.

And many thanks to Alien Nesby for audio work and helping make this one listenable.

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