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New Lyrics Page
October 28 2003 

A new lyrics page has been created, and is for tracks not available on any albums. For example, tracks that were B-sides, on a soundtrack, or live recordings, etc, etc.

The page is here and you will find the lyrics that have been recently transcribed by members of the message board, for the track America (Live Detroit '82) (this track was posted a couple of weeks ago on the sound page).

Thank you SocietalEclipse, MajNarx, Bisquitodoom, and GunHed86.

Posted by Afra ( 239 )

Song Update
October 27 2003 

New song's up. It's a rough demo version of Tonight We Murder. It's similar to the final version, but is definitely a rough mix and contains a few more elements that ended up in Burning Dirt on Confessions Of A Knife. It's up on the sound page.

Posted by Bisquitodoom ( 238 )

New Song Download
October 11 2003 

Another song has been added to the sound page. This is a pre-Arista track called America. For those of you with the Detroit 82 bootleg, this is the encore that seems to have been removed from virtually all copies in distribution.

Posted by Bisquitodoom ( 237 )

Song Update
October 8 2003 

The new song is up on the sound page. This is the PTP song Show Me Your Spine. This was originally in the movie Robocop, but didn't make its way to the soundtrack.

Posted by Bisquitodoom ( 236 )