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New Song Download
February 19 2003 

The next song from the 2-22-90 Merriville, IN concert is now on the sound page. This one's a live version of the Pailhead track No Bunny.

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New Album
February 18 2003 

Ministry's new album, Animositisomina was released in the US today.

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VH1 Interview
February 15 2003 

There's a brief new interview with Al at VH1.com. Al talks about the meaning of a few of the songs off the new album and a little bit about his recent marriage.

And PissArmy.com will now take you directly to the Piss Army site.

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US Tour Dates/Pink Anvil
February 14 2003 

Tour Dates

Per the Piss Army site, the first few US dates are:

3/16 - Reno
3/18 - Seattle - North Gate
3/19 - Portland - Roseland
3/21 - San Francisco - Fillmore
3/22 - Los Angeles - Palladium
3/23 - Anaheim - HOB
3/28 - Tucson
3/29 - Phoenix
3/30 - Las Vegas

Salt Lake

More to come soon...

Pink Anvil

And according to Broken Violence, Pink Anvil is due for a summer release from Ipecac Records.

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Chat Transcript
February 13 2003 

A transcript of the chat with Al and Paul is up here

Also, for those who are interested - scans of tickets to the upcoming Oberhausen, Germany show are available here courtesy of Peter Pauer.

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New Interview/Online Chat
February 10 2003 

New Interview

A new interview with Al and Paul has been put up at the Addicted To Sound site. They discuss the new album and tour. Looks like it may be Mudvayne and the Flaming Lips opening and March 7th is the tentative first US concert date. Give it a look here

Chat With Al

The first online chat with Al happened today. It began at 4pm Eastern and lasted about 2 hours. It was quite crowded, but Al was in a great mood. Hopefully there will be a transcipt available soon.

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Man Should Surrender
February 7 2003 

The fourth song from the Merriville, Indiana show (2-22-90) is now up on the sound page. It's the Pailhead track Man Should Surrender.

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News about News
February 6 2003 

I'm very pleased to announce that I will now be taking over the News section. More news to come soon. In the Meantime, if you notice anything newsworthy, please drop me an email here.

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February 3 2003 

animositisomina.com is now live.

(also darkspoon.com).


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