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Twitch Reissue
December 25 2003 

Twitch was appearantly rereleased with little fanfare on Radioactive Records on Dec 15. The tracklisting is:

01. Just Like You
02. We Believe
03. The Angel
04. Isle of Man - version I *
05. Over the Shoulder
06. Possession *
07. Abortive *
08. Twitch - part I *
09. The Angel - 7" single version *
10. Over the Shoulder - 12" single version
11. Isle of Man - # 2
12. Twitch - # 2
*Previously unreleased in any format.

Not sure of the exact origins of the bonus material, but according to cduniverse.com, "This album consists of studio acetates mastered on 28th & 29th August 1985. Tracks 1-8 represent how the 'Twitch' LP was originally intended to be. Includes 4 previously unreleased tracks."

Music Non-Stop seems to be the only place claiming to have it in stock, and their news archive claims it to be an "exclusive, packed reissue".

It's been ordered, so we'll see what happens.

Posted by Afra ( 244 )

Lyrics Updates
December 24 2003 

The lyrics section has been undergoing several significant updates in the past few days. Firstly, TV Song, Stainless Steel Providers, Can't Sit Still, Something Wonderful, Mr. Lucky, Rockabye, Sergio, and Butcher Flower's Woman are all now officially correct. Secondly, the page collecting the lyrics to songs not appearing on albums or singles (ie on compilations or unreleased songs) has undergone major rennovations. It now lists all unreleased songs with vocals. Since the only source material for many of these are bootleg recordings, there are questionable spots in many of the songs. If you have any corrections or things to add, please e-mail me us here.

Posted by Bisquitodoom ( 243 )

Unreleased Blackouts Track
December 17 2003 

The new song on the sound page is up. This is an unreleased Blackouts track from 1982. This song never made it to an official release. I can only assume this would have made it onto the legendary unreleased post-Lost Soul's Club EP. No name for this one, sorry.

Posted by Bisquitodoom ( 242 )