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New Song Download
April 16 2003 

After a small break, the song of the week is back up. So What, the next song from the Merriville, Indiana show (2-22-90) is now up on the sound page.

Posted by Bisquitodoom ( 219 )

New Interview
April 6 2003 

Here's another interview with Al. This one focuses more on the bands evolution. It can be found here.

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April 1 2003 

From MajNarx:

"Hi guys,
right now I'm in the process of conducting an interview with the band, to be held in Atlanta on 05/11/03.
Possibly pre-show, or whenever time permits.

There will be a round of 20 Questions asked each for Al and Paul, and also any other band member you want to ask: this includes Mike Scaccia, Rey Washam, Darrell James, and Angie J. Chances are, I know the majority of the questions will be just for Al and Paul, but if you want to ask anyone else, surprise me.

Here's the kicker: the questions will be submitted by YOU, the fans. Got a question? Send it to askministry@yahoo.com or askministry@hotmail.com. There are two emails since I'm sure one will get flooded fast.
These will be checked everyday, and if you want yours to be in the running, just email them. That's it. Good as gold.

Though, there are rules:

01 One question at a time. Only. Just one question, and that's it... no two questions in one, or what have you.
And please, don't ask a question from different email addresses, I'll know it's you. Keep it simple.

02 Refrain from asking questions that really don't need to be asked. No one cares what Al's favorite pokemon character is, or what kind of underwear Rey wears. Don't be silly.

03 The questions will be selected by demand (as in, the same question asked a certain amount of times), shortly afterwards for the not-so-in-demand to be picked at random.

04 Deadline to get questions in will be from THIS MOMENT, on April 1, until May 1 at 12:00am EST. So, you have plenty of time to ask.

That's it.
Got a question?
Email it to askministry@yahoo.com, or askministry@hotmail.com


Posted by Bisquitodoom ( 217 )