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New Songs
August 30 2003 

Up at the sound page are 2 new songs. The first is Revco's cover of John Cale's Chickenshit. This was done live during the 1991 European tour, as well as Chris Connelly's tour for Phemobab Bambalam. Also up is the second track with Ogre from the Philadelphia Fornicatour show. It's The Light Pours Out Of Me.

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Official Lyrics
August 29 2003 

The official lyrics have been posted for the following songs. More are to come soon. The lyrics are here thanks to Al Jourgensen.

The Closed Captioning text that can be read on the DVDs contain lyrics that were taken from this site, and therefore, some lyrics may be wrong. Refer to the official lyrics instead.

Psalm 69:

Filth Pig:

Dark Side of The Spoon:


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Song update
August 18 2003 

The song has been updated. Now up for download is a reworked version of All Day from 1987. As far as I know, this was done live during the pre-Land Of Rape And Honey mini-tour, and then retired. It's up on the sound page.

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Merriville Show
August 9 2003 

The download songs have changed again. We've finally finished the Merriville 2/22/90 show with Stigmata, the final song from the show. Also up is a live performance of Supernaut from the Philadelphia show from the most recent tour with Ogre on vocals. This is the same version that made an all-too-brief appearance on Animositisomina.com a short time back. Both are up on the sound page.

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