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USSA Video Online
June 29 2007 

There's now a video for the USSA song Autumn Flowers on their Myspace Page. It's footage from the first show (from the band's cameraman, way better than my crappy shot) spliced with studio footage. Also, the release date for the album has been announced as September 18th. At the June show, the band said they played "all their songs", so the setlist may very well end up being the tracklist for the album.

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New Song Download
June 13 2007 

As promised, the new download is up on the sound page. This time it's a complete live version of the Lard song Time To Melt from the 12/31/89 Chicago show. This was the infamous kickoff show for the 89-90 Mind tour featuring many guest performers including Jello Biafra who does vocals on this track. This show was also filmed for the video portion of the In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up EP, the 2/22/90 Merriville show making up the audio portion. This is one of only two known performances of this song (with a rumored 3rd), which is actually surprisingly many considering it's 30 minutes long. We can only keep it up for a short while due to bandwidth, so grab it while you can.

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Site Updates
June 12 2007 

Quite a few new updates today:

First, some great pictures from a couple old Blackouts gigs (8/27/82 and an undated Seattle show) are up. Check them out here and here. These pics are courtesy of Bestrockphotos.com

A flyer and a copy of the setlist from the first USSA gig are now up here. An ad and more info on the USSA show earlier this week are up here. Many thanks to Paul Barker for being cool enough to let me film the show. Hopefully a review of the show will be on the forum soon.

A promo pic of Paul from the Lead Into Gold period is up on the interviews page or directly available here.

Also, quite a few more interviews up for you early Ministry lovers on the interviews page. Newest additions are an interview from Matter in April 1983, Unicorn Times August 1983, Creem May 1985, and Rockpool November 1988. The interviews are arranged chronologically, so you should be able to find them easily.

Should have a new song of the week up soon. I knew this one existed, but didn't think I'd ever dig up a copy. I guarantee all will be impressed. In the meantime, grab the current downloads on the sound page, as they won't be up much longer.

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