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U.S.S.A./Chemlab Aftershow Party
November 17 2007 

For those going to the U.S.S.A. and Chemlab November 20th show here in Chicago, please stop by to the official afterparty right after, hosted by my friend DJ Kamar. Jared Louche (Chemlab frontman) will be DJing that night. And, yes, Paul Barker will be showing up, though he won't be behind the decks that night. I'll also be there.

More information at going.com.

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Ministry Tour Announced
November 13 2007 

You can view the some of the tour dates for Ministry's tour in early 2008 on the C U LaTour page. This will be updated often so check back.

Bassist Tony Campos (Static-X) will be joining Ministry on the tour. In addition to Jourgensen and Campos, the tour lineup will consist of Tommy Victor and Sin Quirin, both on guitars, with keyboardist John Bechdel and drummer Jimmy DeGrasso. Burton C. Bell from Fear Factory will also be on the tour as a featured artist.

Touring with Ministry will be Meshuggah from Sweden.

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Paul Barker's Flowering Blight
November 12 2007 

From Paul Barker:

"Hello everyone. I have some music I am going to release under the project name of FLOWERING BLIGHT. This is music I have worked on recently, recording most of the music and vocals. I'll give full credits song-by-song as they are finished.

The first song I am releasing is entitled "The Perfect Pair". It's a monster in three parts. Here is a 35 second clip of "The Perfect Pair, pt2". You can download this snippet on the sound page.

I am also playing in a band called USSA, formed by Duane Denison and me last year. The USSA cd, "The Spoils", is available now and we are currently on the road through the states this fall. You can see more about the band at the USSA homepage (and also Myspace, as well here on prongs).

Thanks to you and prongs--

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November 11 2007 

If you would like to be notified of any news updates (including new Song Downloads), you can subscribe by clicking the Subscribe for News Updates link above.

You also have the choice to subscribe to Paul Barker's official mailing list. He'll be sending updates of his work through that.

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Paul Barker Halloween DJ Set
November 1 2007 

Thank you not only goes out to Neo for hosting the very successful Halloween event on October 31st 2007, where Barker played a DJ Set, but also to the many people who came out.

Paul's setlist can be read at the Paul Barker Neo Halloween '07 page.

Picture gallery coming shortly.

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New Song Download
November 1 2007 

Yeah, I know it's been a long time, but the song of the week has offically been changed. Since the version of Time To Melt proved to be too large to leave up as a download for very long, I decided to go for another treat from the same show. On the sound page, you'll find a live version of Hellfudge from the infamous New Year's Eve 1989 show. This song made very few live appearances, and is made more unique by Jello's anti-80's ranting.

We also brought back an older download, in case you missed it way-back-when. This time, the wonderfully reworked version of All Day from the 1987 mini-tour is making it's reappearace. Check it out if you missed it the first time.

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