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Rantology Release Date
June 25 2005 

Rantology, the upcoming Ministry compilation album, is set to be released on September 27 2005, by Sanctuary Records. Tracklisting has not yet been released.

Aside from re-mixes of Ministry tracks, the compilation is expected to include one new track, The Great Satan.

Posted by Afra ( 329 )

Doug Chamberlin Interview
June 12 2005 

A new, exclusive interview with Doug Chamberlin is up on the interview page. Doug played keyboards for Ministry during the 1984 tour. Many thanks to Doug for taking the time to do this!

Posted by Bisquitodoom ( 328 )

RSS Feed / Top 20 Pictures
June 8 2005 

RSS Feed

You can now keep up to date with the news on this page through any RSS Feeder! You should be able to subscribe on this page. Or click the "RSS Entries" icon above. The direct link is http://www.prongs.org/ministry/rss .

Top 20 Pictures

There's now a page where you can view the Top 20 most viewed pictures from our pictures gallery.

More pictures have been added to the Promotional Pictures section (specifically if you scroll down).

Thanks goes to Maxmal who has tracked some of these new pictures down. Thank you. Pictures are going to be added every now and again so do check often...

Posted by Afra ( 327 )

New Song Download
June 5 2005 

The new song is up for download on the sound page. This is a live version of Crumbs from the '99 tour. This song's been done live at pretty much every concert since 96, but I have yet to hear a live arrangement that's better (or faster) than the one done on the Dark Side tour.

Posted by Bisquitodoom ( 326 )

Litany Forums
June 2 2005 

The forums for Litany have re-opened on prongs.org. Litany, run by Scott and Corey, is a site dedicated to Skinny Puppy and related projects. Both are great guys. What the news section on this site is to Ministry, litany.net is to Puppy.

The Litany Forums can be accessed via litany.prongs.org.

Great to have old friends with us...

Posted by Afra ( 325 )