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New Song Download
March 30 2005 

The new song's up. It's a live version of You Know What You Are from the Land Of Rape and Honey tour. It's up on the sound page. This was a request from the forum at some point.

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Site Updates
March 22 2005 

Did some updates to the Revco 91 tour page, including adding a new show and links to some live pics.

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New Song Download
March 7 2005 

The new song of the week is up on the a sound page. This is the supposed 12" version of Step. This was on the original version of the Dark Side Demos, but was left off early versions, and has remained tough to find. In an interview a couple years ago, Al didn't even remember this one existed.

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Special Affect Picture
March 7 2005 

Came across this picture of Special Affect (Al with the shades on and Frankie with the turtleneck):

At Club Foot, which is a bar here in Chicago. My friend Kevin snapped it.

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General News
March 3 2005 

Per Side-Line.com:

"Although rumoured here and there, Al Jourgensen from Ministry will not join Killing Joke on stage during their 25th anniversary gigs in London. In a chat with Side-Line a spokeswoman for Jourgensen said: 'Raven and Al discussed this possibility in Portland Oregon last year when we were on the Evil Doer Tour. However, due to Al's studio schedule - he is currently working on a re-mix for The Melvins/Jello Biafra - he will not be able to perform in London for the Killing Joke Anniversary celebration.' Nevertheless Paul Raven, Jaz Coleman and Al Jourgensen are currently discussing plans for a collaboration project. More to come as those plans unfold."

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Recent Interview
March 2 2005 

Thanks to maxmal for pointing out an interesting interview with Al from February 2nd '05.

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