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Rio Grand Blood Line-Up
November 27 2005 

Though this has all been rumoured, it's official now: Raven (Killing Joke) and Tommy Victor (Prong) have joined Ministry for the upcoming album, Rio Grande Blood (release date: April '06).

A picture of Tommy and Raven:

Posted by Afra ( 353 )

New Song Download
November 24 2005 

By request, the new song on the sound page is a live version of Nature Of Love. This song was only done live during the later dates on the 1984 tour, meaning that unfortunately few recorded versions exist. This version is taken from the 1984 Minneapolis show (uncertain of the date, but the venue is almost certainly First Ave). It's got some interesting differences from the album version, so it makes for a good listen even though the quality's not stellar.

Posted by Bisquitodoom ( 352 )

Paul Barker Update
November 23 2005 

From the website of Stayte, a band from Vancouver, "We are very pleased to announce that Paul Barker (Ministry, Lard, Revolting Cocks) and Matt Fisher (Eyes of Fire) are both lending their talents to various tracks on the new record." Not sure how extensive Paul's contributions to their album will be, but it's cool to get some news from him.

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