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Page Updates
April 22 2001 

Over on the sideprojects page, I have listed more stuff that Al and Paul have done for other bands (ie. Sister Machine Gun, Dessau, and Skrew). This information comes courtesy of Jaime Cufr.

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AI / Greatest Fits
April 20 2001 


Thanks to Mark Weddle and Ameer Sohrawardy for informing us about the article over at SonicNet. You may read the article here. Very interesting indeed...

More AI

Joe sent me this email about a website he stumbled onto which discusses the movie AI, and the role of Ministry. The webpage was written by someone who attended the shooting... Be careful, though, the movie has spoilers. Read it at Aint it Cool.

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Page Updates
April 10 2001 

Thanks to Ryan Schuler for pointing out that some of the album cover images would not show up. They should all work now...

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